DJ Rhude - Flagrant Cops

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1. DJ Rhude - In Memory Of 0:11
2. Cassidy - Stand Up (Feat Styles P Drag On And Talib Kweli) 6:05
3. Sha Stimuli - Murder Me Pt.2 (Feat A-Alikes Steele And 5:26
Immortal Technique)
4. Grafh - Not Guilty 3:54
5. Joell Ortiz - 50 Shots 2:27
6. Prodigy - Field Marshall P (Feat Un Pacino) 2:17
7. Ghostface - Run (Remix) (Feat Jadakiss) 3:08
8. Rakim - Run Freestyle 3:03
9. Jon Hope - Blue Devils (Feat Termanology) 3:47
10. Esso - License To Kill 3:34
11. Mickey Factz - Im Sean (Sean Bell Tribute) 4:01
12. Suny Redd - Flagrant Cops 1:18
13. Donny Goines - Interlude 2:21
14. Donny Goines - Kill A Pig 3:52
15. Rod Da Blizz - Party Like A Cop Got Shot 3:57
16. Papoose - We Shall Overcome (Sean Bell Tribute) 3:05
17. Papoose - Change Gon Come 3:09
18. Soul Food - Tribute To Our Falled Soldiers 1:48
19. Q Da Kid - Sean Bell Tribute 2:49
20. Trick Trick - Dirty Cops 3:42
21. J Dilla - Fuck The Police (Classic Throwback) 2:21
22. NWA - Fuck Tha Police (Classic Throwback) 5:40
23. Main Source - Friendly Game Of Baseball (Classic Throwback) 3:17

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Don't Download

The cd from which this mix was uploaded must have been scratched because once track one started to skip I deleted it.

cassidy papoose prodigy

cassidy papoose prodigy ghostface are Real raperz good songs


Holy shit I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this cover and then i scroll down to see you type raperz instead of rapperz. HAHA

that lil girl on the cover

that lil girl on the cover is fukin hilarious man..........

Priceless Mixtape Cover

Wow thats halarious

that fuckin cover is crack

that fuckin cover is crack


do that bitch in the buildinghave an umbrella ~!*~*!~Ice~*~Kold~!*~*!~


wow this covers .. wow



What the Fuk

The cover is retarded. And black people why other races look at us as ignorant. Total waste of talent. Nuff said.

If Thats supposed to be sean

If Thats supposed to be sean bell.. im disgusted by it. And this site for putting it up... this will be the last time i come here for music. some one please clarify.

you know i was at a party

you know i was at a party and this phoenix dj was actually playing some of these songs. btw, that cover is pretty bizarre.