DJ Rell - Rap Hustlas

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1.That River - Lil Boosie
2.What Goes Up - Lil Boosie
3.Check Me Out - Lil Boosie
4.Gorilla Bread - Lil Boosie
5.Let Me Shine - Lil Boosie Rick Ross
6.Rich Off Cocaine - Rick Ross
7.Yacht Club - Rick Ross
8.Usual Suspects - Rick Ross Feat Nas
9.Gunplay - Rick Ross Feat Gunplay
10.Face - Rick Ross Feat Trina Shawty Lo
11.About My B.I. - Shawty Lo Feat Mya
12.Im Stuntin - Shawty Lo
13.Dope Boy Knot - Shawty Lo Feat Gucci Mane
14.Put Em Up - Shawty Lo Feat Gucci Mane
15.Get Money - Shawty Lo Feat Lil Kim Indie Hustlas
16.Mr Pyrex - Deeboi
17.Rollie Pollie - Armstrong
18.Trap Whammin - Supa Chino
19.Jock My Swag - Gwopp Boyz
20.Take Off ( Eww Yah) - Hq

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appropriate title

appropriate title considering CO Ricky Ross is on the cover


Old Shit....

lmmfao @ thinkin rick ross

lmmfao @ thinkin rick ross really a hustla do ur research b4 u on sum fat niggas dick... he aint even write tha song that got him put on brisco did

My man it not brisco that wrote it

actually gunplay did Listen to the whole song compare it to some of gunplays shit its not even ross rapping infact lmao i think i pretty much made a discovery o well here ya go gunplay rappin the whole song that part "mo cars mo hoes" all gunplay niggaa last verse gunplay once again i figured out it was 100% on the last verse hahah rooooss =Over.

fuck gunplay fuck officer

fuck gunplay fuck officer rickyyy all day everyday