DJ M80 & Reno Chinati - This Is The Remix


Compilation of Reno jumping on some of the hottest tracks out

01 Intro
02 We Roll Remix
03 Get Up Remix
04 Im Different
05 Pop Champaigne Remix
06 Addiction Remix
07 Stay Up (Viagra)
08 Sorry I Lied Remix
09 Chopped N Screwed Remix
10 Heartless Remix
11 Single Ladies Remix
12 Green Light Remix
13 Why Me Remix
14 Live Ya Life Remix
15 Comfortable Remix

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Shady J's picture

Shits Fucking Wack Patna

Mixtapes fucking Wack bro
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IF you!

If you download this Mixtape imma punch you in the fuckin face!.. I wanted to bash my head through my Monitor to so i can hear something different! This was shit