DJ Lazy K & Sam Scarfo - Sour Patch


01 S On My Chest Produced By Indiana Jonez
03 Just Holla
02 Big Money Produced By Havoc
04 Money In The Bag Produced By Indiana Jonez
05 Bag This Work
06 Just Another Morning Produced By Manny
07 How I Get Down Ft Straps Killa Black
08 Sour Patch Euro
09 Drop Dat Gwop Ft Osama Lonko Killa Black
10 550 Benz Ft Killa Black
11 Story To Tell Produced By Indiana Jonez
12 Real Niggas Ft Killa Black
13 Where Da Pounds At Ft Killa Black
14 Quickie
15 Breaking News
16 So Hollywood Ft Straps Ernie Gaines Killa Bla
17 Put It Down Produced By Manny
18 Switching Lanes
19 Stay Tuned

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ill give it a listen and let

ill give it a listen and let yall know. looks good b.c it aint mainstreem shit but well see.
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yum that looks like that

yum that looks like that straight up sour D Kill nigguh