DJ Krazee Rae & Max B - Life After Byrdgang (Hosted By Max B)


2.Boss Don
3.Try Me
4.Im So Wavy
5.Eye For Eye
6.Niggaz don Started Sumt'n
7.Im So High
8.Niggaz That Hate Me
9.Baby I Wonder
10.I Gotta Have It
11.Touch It Mami
13.A City Wit No Hoes
14.I don't Wanna
15.Nike Boots
16.Flossin (HOT)
18.I Try
19.Shut Up Bitch Swallow
20.Pocket Full of Stones (HOT)
21.We Take Aim
22.Where Do I Go (BONUS)

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what a gay belt buckle, this

what a gay belt buckle, this isn't 1982 and you are not a cowgirl maxb. i hope thoes guys in the background shoot you
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ayo fuck snitch b

coke wave was doodoo n max b got exposed by hell rell 4 bin da snitch he is oooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww shit's real in da phil [215]