DJ J & Z-Ro - Still Gangsta


01. Z-Ro - 25 Lighter
02. Z-Ro - Baby Girl
03. Z-Ro feat. Slim Thug - Call My Phone
04. Z-Ro feat. Paul Wall - Eyes On Paper
05. Z-Ro feat. Killa Kyleon and Mike D - Here We Go
06. Z-Ro - Homie, Lover, Friend
07. Z-Ro feat. Lil`Keke - If That`s How You Feel
08. Z-Ro - Lonely
09. Z-Ro - Made
10. Z-Ro and Trae - Picture Me
11. Z-Ro - Rollin`
12. Z-Ro - The Mo City Don
13. Z-Ro feat. Mya - Tired
14. Z-Ro - Top Notch
15. Z-Ro and Trae - Turnin` Heads
16. Z-Ro - You
17. BONUS - Z-Ro feat. Lil`Keke - Sunshine

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WTF? Don't nobody fuck wit

WTF? Don't nobody fuck wit Z-Ro or what?

Man If You Want Real


ya'll get like 3 songs a day

ya'll get like 3 songs a day and not 10 mixtapes a day like these dudes so shut the fuck up with ur lil homo lookin website

you must be a fan of


yeah i went there a few

yeah i went there a few times when i saw this dude talkin about it but turns out to b shit so whats ur point noob

zro is that nigga

this nigga z-ro n trae da truth killin it on that southern shit- this nigga got a flow that reminds me a lil of pac





dis shit

i fux wit z-ro dey got sum exclusives on dis one site tho buh u cant download from it
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This is Good Shit

This is Good Shit. I was just talking about how it was good they put a "Best of Trae" on here then they get this. It has afew of his older songs. But i think most of this is supposed to be on Z-Ro's new album "Crack", it comes out the 23rd. GOOD SHIT MIXTAPETORRENT. Big Ups MFizzel......

Wheres my nigga

Wheres my nigga scarface??????

Thank you!

Glad you like my work. "Best Of Trae" and "DJ J & Z-Ro: Still Gangsta" - this is classic shit your boy DJ J did for all of you! Yes almost all tracks, beside of 3, are from the new "Crack" album. DJ J & Scarface coming real soon. Don`t worry. I told you I got you! 1, J

You aint no fuckin dj all

You aint no fuckin dj all you do is just take the whole album or songs already put out n say its a fuckin mixtape. You wackass dj.

u aint no muthafukin DJ

muthafuka,all u did was put z-ro songs that we all done already heard on a cd. Why dont u make a REAL mixtape,hoe ass nigga,u aint no muthafukin DJ. Put out some shit dat nobody as heard

da man

zro is da man im from new zealand and i listen to all the houston rappers trae zro paul wall slim thug boss hogg outlawz rob g bun b but fuck mike jones hes shit

Mann you put his whole new

Mann you put his whole new album on a mixtape! Don't download this go buy the CD. Its called Crack!!


fake ass dj got ro new album as a mixtape

for real, just go buy CRACK

for real, just go buy CRACK TOMORROW!! he always has hot albums. like ro said "with or without your support imma still be straight"!

Ro is killin the game, he

Ro is killin the game, he the most respected artist in Houston. Listen to his shit and i promise you will feel it, its real hood shit. Real niggas relate to real.

Z-Ro "Crack"

Fo Sho just cop that Ro yesterday at musicmania. 25 lighter is a fo sho classic... 1-10 100000000 Throwed!!!!

i been a z-ro fan for about

i been a z-ro fan for about 5 or 6 years now and i must say this nigga be spittin sum real shyt... its more than just that down south swagg, he actually talkin bout sum real shyt. yall niggaz need to listen.

Don't Buy This

This is a rip of his new cd Crack. Its just out of order & they added sunshine ft. lil keke at the end(classic song) Support Z-Ro & buy his new album Crack. Quit being cheap

Hes the realest

out there in the game now and he holds it down for the S.U.C. and spits staight fire, and he would destroy lloyd banks and the whole gay-unit with just one song.
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muzik ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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Z RO's the next best thing

Z RO's the next best thing coming up outta the south. AS FAR AS REAL LYRICS GO!! Yall ni$$as can keep on dancing, with all that bullshit, whack ass shit that's been coming out lately!! But i'ma bang RO, YA FEEL ME!!!!