DJ J - More Than A Movement Vol 6 (Hosted By Rolls Royce)


01. Rolls Royce - Intro
02. Rolls Royce feat. B.Z. - Dance Flo (DJ J Exclusive)
03. DJ Khaled feat. Kasual, Rick Ross and Dre - Sittin` On Top Of The World
04. Brisco - I`m Back (World Premier)
05. Desloc Piccalo - Drop
06. Tay Dizm feat. Desloc Piccalo and Dolla - Nothing But The Truth (World
07. Pitbull - Now You See It
08. Bangladesh feat. Rick Ross and Busta Rhymes - Girls Love Me
09. Rolls Royce feat. Gator - I Can Tell (DJ J Exclusive)
10. Trae - Drop
11. Rocko feat. Trae - This Morning (Remix) (DJ J Exclusive)
12. Ace Hood - You Already Know
13. Rolls Royce - Drop
14. Rick Ross feat. Rolls Royce - Get It (Remix) (DJ J Exclusive)
15. Korn Bred feat. Pitbull - I Luv A Hata (DJ J Remix) (DJ J Exclusive)
16. Mazzarati feat. Desloc Piccalo - Jungalin` (DJ J Exclusive)
17. Brisco - Burning Rubber (World Premier)
18. Trae - Swagger Like Us Freestyle (DJ J Exclusive)
19. Rolls Royce - Drop
20. Redd Eyezz feat. Jim Jones and Rolls Royce - It Ain`t All Sunny (DJ J
21. T-Pain feat. Lil`Wayne and Trae - Can`t Believe It (Remix) (DJ J Exclusive)
22. K-Otic feat. Rolls Royce - With Yo Fine Self (DJ J Exclusive)
23. Hennessi - Tippy Toes (World Premier)
24. Urban Mystic feat. Yung Joc - Main Squeeze
25. J. Money feat. Pleasure P - Bottom Bitch
26. Rolls Royce - Drop
27. Rolls Royce feat. Whodie - Take You Home Tonight (prod. by DJ J) (DJ J

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fuck dj j, he dont get no

fuck dj j, he dont get no exclusives

DJ J Mixtapes

They might be exclusives but, the last couple of DJ J mixtapes have been straight dope
Milwaukee Bukk's picture

funny ass cover!!

they really need to find new pics of Plies and Ross 2 use...they look like they was fightin over a steak and Ross won! plies look like he about to cry!! lmao What's mo funny, PLIES AIN'T EVEN ON THIS MIXTAPE!!

what do ya know?? anotha

what do ya know?? anotha fuckin mixtape wit money cars and bricks how fuckin original every mixtape on earth has the same cover. man tha fuckin mixtape game is as whack as tha fuckin rap game iz i guess im gonna have to start bumpin more reggae or sumthin

fuck dj khaled jr

the fuck you lookin like khaled for? get this dj khaled jr shit off here