DJ Greg Street Presents Lil Scrappy - Dat's Her, She Bad


01 Lil Scrappy - Headed To The Mall
02 Lil Scrappy - Let You Tell It
03 Lil Scrappy Ft. Lil Jon - Stunt On Em
04 Lil Scrappy Ft. Young Chu - Over Grind
05 Lil Scrappy - On Point
06 Lil Scrappy - Stand Up
07 Lil Scrappy - Back Seat
08 Lil Scrappy - I'm Coming
09 Lil Scrappy - Eat Pussy
10 Lil Scrappy - Swoop Swoop
11 Lil Scrappy Ft. Travis Porter & Soulja Boy - Dat's Her
12 Lil Scrappy - Thuggin' To The Bone
13 Lil Scrappy - Scrappy Speaks
14 Lil Scrappy - Hate Snippet
15 Lil Scrappy - Grustle
16 Lil Scrappy & Greg Street - Outro

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Throw Back Time

Look like Scrappy tryin to get back on his grind again. I'mma d/l this shit. Although, ALL of these are old. Don't hear alot from Greg Street. Is he on the phone? 2/10 for this one for the simple fact that I feel cheated. " - Money,Pimpin and Politics"
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some of my best and worst

some of my best and worst memories was the same time 'no problems' came out...i hope hes back now
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this shit tight i like it

this shit tight i like it
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When I first saw the video

When I first saw the video (and I dont watch too many) i was like why is scrappy in the video and it said this was his song thats her....who wouldve thought...scrappy had to change it up to stay in the game....havent heard anything else from him but im sure its decent since he can still deliver.. "Always Keep That Good"