DJ G-Spot Presents - Flight School (Hosted By Big Cas)

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1. Big Cas Intro
2. Traffic Feat Big Cas - Million Bucks (Produced By Wise Beat)
3. Traffic -Hook For
4. Big Cas 7 Traffic -More Towels (Freestyle)
5. Rain Feat D Murda, Lo-Keys & Traffic - Oh My God
6. Rain Feat J Khrist & Big Cas -Freestyle
7. Rain Feat Krillz & Lure - Round & Round
8. Rain Feat Kp & Krillz - Part Of The Game
9. Rain Feat Big Cas - Yo,Yo,Yo
10. 10 Krillz Feat Rain - Hold Something
11. Big Cas - 10 Bands
12. Rain Feat D Murda, Lo-Keys & Traffic - Increase The Gritty
13. Rain Feat Traffic -Same Ole Song (Prod By Marshall Law)
14. Rain -Whut It Look Like (Prod By L Scott)
15. Big Cas Feat Traffic -They Hating
16. Krillz - It Ain't Agame
17. Rain -Wuzzup Baby
18. Big Cas Outro

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This is actually a decent effort. Down South cats, for the most part, probably won't bump this though. The chick on track #7 sounds like Shawnna from DTP & I fukks wit' her too.Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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first wiz put out flight

first wiz put out flight school, some one jumped on the name then, and now another flight school... need to think of original names.