DJ Dyce & DJ Cannon Banyon - Cola Boyz (Young Jeezy & Jay-Z)


1.Dope Boy Fresh - Jay-Z
2.Conglomerate - Young Jeezy Ft Busta Rhymes
3.My President Rmx - Young Jeezy Ft Jay-Z
4.Who Dat - Young Jeezy
5.Swagger Like Us - Jay-Z Ft Ti, Lil Wayne, & Kanye West
6.I'm So Paid - Young Jeezy Ft Akon & Lil Wayne
7.When The Money Goes - Jay-Z
8.Rumor Has It - Young Jeezy Ft Pharell
9.History - Jay-Z
10.Amazing - Young Jeezy Ft Kanye West
11.Go Hard - Jay-Z Ft Dj Khaled, T-Pain & Kanye West
12.Done It All - Young Jeezy
13.Put On Rmx - Young Jeezy Ft Jay-Z
14.Dreaming Again - Jay-Z
15.Song Cry Rmx - Jay-Z Ft Coldplay
16.By The Way - Young Jeezy
17.Vacation - Young Jeezy
18.Maybe - Jay-Z
19.Brooklyn 3.0 - Jay-Z Ft Lil Wayne & Notorious Big
20.Go Crazy - Young Jeezy Ft Jay-Z
21.Hustlin Rmx - Jay-Z Ft Young Jeezy & Rick Ross

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