DJ Drama - Young Jeezy: Trap Or Die

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Re-Visit The CLASSIC Mixtape That Put Jeezy On The Map!

DJ Drama is trappin' with Young Jeezy, ATL's hottest buzz since T.I.,
on this Trap Or Die edition mixtape. With this mixtape killin' it down in
the Dirty South, MixUnit is proud to be first to bring you this crazy hot
joint feat. 20+ exclusives, freestyles, bangers & ATL sure-fire crunk...

1 - We Tried To Tell 'Em feat. DJ Drama
2 - Intro
3 - Get Ya Mind Right [album exclusive]
4 - Trap Or Die feat. Bun B. & Slick Pulla
5 - "Ether" Freestyle
6 - Do Da Damn Thang feat. Fabolous
7 - Street Niggaz
8 - Freestyle
9 - Get 'Em Jeezy
10 - Jeezy Talks To The People
11 - U Ain't Perfect
12 - Miss Me With That Rap Shit feat. Boo & Slick Pulla
13 - Grey Goose feat. Yo Gotti & All Star
14 - U.S.D.A., part 2
15 - We Luv Ya
16 - Jeezy Talks, part 2
17 - "GA" Freestyle feat. USDA
18 - Gangsta feat. Jody Breeze
19 - "3-6" Freestyle
20 - "Slick Pulla" Freestyle
21 - Chuuuch feat. U.S.D.A
22 - Rollaz and Riders feat. Bleu DaVinci & Bun B
23 - Pussy Ass Niggaz
24 - Outro
25 - Gucci Mane feat. Young Jeezy & Boo - Icey
26 - Trick Daddy feat. Young Jeezy & T.I. - Keep Fuckin' Around

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now i'll compare

thanks for this one mfizzel. now i'll have to compare this to the new one. i still think those hustle & snow tapes with TI are the shit, but we'll see.

this cd is killin cant ban

this cd is killin cant ban the snowman, whats up with those hustle n snow tapes youre talkin about? u know about a link to any of them? thanks.
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Hustle & Snow

they are these 2 albums Mick Boogie did also titled Dirty Work #3 and #4. The first one came out maybe a year ago, and the second, More Hustle, More Snow came out a couple months ago. They each have about 30 songs on them, and they're just a perfect blend of T.I. and Jeezy. most of the shit i had never heard, from either of them. aas far as i link i can't help you man, i got them on limewire i think. bet if you requested it mfizzel could post it. but you should definitely try to find them.

it won't download all the

it won't download all the always stops at 94.9 percent

someone seed please 94.9 %

someone seed please 94.9 %

PLZ Help

Need some seeds for this. Stuck at 94.9%. Thanks in advance guys


it's 01-19-07 and it is still stopping @ %94.9 just to let ya'll know


I know I'm a little late but, I can't get this mixtape seed please, It stops at 94.9%



sum1 plzzzzz seed!!!!

sum1 plzzzzz seed!!!! Plzzzz help a nigga out.... i need this trap or die album ASAP thank you


can someone please seed this only 94.9% downloaded


Can someone seed so i can get this trap or die

can someone plz seed need it

can someone plz seed need it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i need a seeder stuck at 94.9
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Go here and stop stressin>>


can i get someone to seed this for me please