DJ Drama & Cam'ron - Boss of All Bosses

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01. Intro
02. Pop off (ft. Vado)
03. Drama (ft Vado)
04. La Bomba (ft Vado)
05. Rick Flair ( ft vado)
06. Hustle (ft Rick Ross, vado)
07. Get it ( ft Mase, Vado)
08. Can 't say goodbye (ft vado)
09. Skit 1
10. Land of the dealers (ft Vado)
11. Fed story (Vado solo)
12. We in this thing (ft young la, vado)
13. Blow my hi ( ft Vado, Darnell)
14. Skit 2
15. Different cloth (ft vado)
16. Professional ( ft Byrd lady, vado)
17. Ride wit me ( ft Vado)
18. The baddest ( ft Vado, Darnell)
19. Skit 3
20. Lenox av (ft Vado, 40 cal)
21. Arab music (ft vado, Byrd lady)
22. Skit 4
23. Soul plane ( ft Vado)
24. Stop ( Charlie Clips)

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LORD.. this is sad.

Please return this to the uploader, i expect better from Cam. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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worth the D/L

worth the D/L

yesssir. killa and barocko

yesssir. killa and barocko drama. i now dis gotta be sum straight crack. good lookin out darealsteve-o

Doubtful, I'm done givin Cam

Doubtful, I'm done givin Cam second chances. This dude is the definition of FALLIN OFF. I stopped listening to him after come home with me. Purple haze was horrible
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I gotta check this out, and see wassup wit my boi Killa. (The secret of getting ahead is getting started)
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Awww man if that's the case, this shit is noise pollution. (The secret of getting ahead is getting started)
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Dam Screw lmao wuz dis shit

Dam Screw lmao wuz dis shit dat bad?
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Thats a lil harsh

I'll give it a good 6/10.. Mostly because Cam don't usually drop garbage like this, this belong in the recycle bin after ya'll listen through most of it. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Already Got 13 Of The Tracks...

Its Cam'ron So Its Gonna Be Aight DONT HATE WHAT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND "Ding Ding Call Me Geppetto I'm In, You Pinocchio Packing Prevarication's, Like Deception, Disguises & Forgeries Is New Damn Bling..." Jp Klammer 2008

i dont really see why

i dont really see why everybody is hatin on this...its usual camron..hard beats and decent lyrics...we all know he's not the hottest lyricist or anything but he says some hot shit sometime...but if you liked camron before then you WILL like this tape..# 21 is a good as track..
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Quit hating on Cam!!

Cam is still da fucking man!! King of NY! Nigga I never brought a Cam album that was bogus He spit fire allday everyday. And he didn't go commercial like these other faggot ass rappers He keeps it hood!! The thing is you suburb ass nigga's and lames can't understand what he talkin bout!! Nigga i'm in da hood, Killa get mad love here in Chicago!!! I here more cam and gucci than anything here> Most of us real nigga's here don't go for that lame ass rap. Tight pants and tongue ring rap(no homo). Keep it hood Cam we got yo back here!! Johnny C
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king of ny???

damn no wonder ny done fall off and it cant get up........... i wouldnt listen to this tape even if it was chopped & screwed!! i got luv for cam but lately he sounds like he dontcare anymore? just quit man if u not gona put no heart in it anymore........ werd up.
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listened to it like half the day at work

i only like about 6 joints 5,6,7,13,20,23 rest is trash
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Been waitin on this one

YES YES!!! THANKS to whoever uploaded this. Been waiting on this mixtape since the Evil Empire "Criminal Minded 2" CD previewed a few of these new tracks a few months ago. So far every song I've heard off this is hot so I am excited to bump this. Drama is the shit.
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For those that r hatin on killa...

...fuck u, think NY fell off, fuck u, sing "ur a jerk", fuuuuuck u! My bad had a lil cam SDE moment. Anyways go out & cop Camz "crime pays". This is some of the best killa I've heard since SDE(no homilz). Oh yeah, jimmy&juelz who, WHO?!?!
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Crime Pays

Yeah it's pretty straight tho. (The secret of getting ahead is getting started)
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Yeah I'm with you!!

I'm tired of clowns hating on Cam.. This nigga gonna stay hot as long as he on earth.. I ain't wit the goffy ass lame ass songs either!! Dancing ass shit!! Fuck that bullshit.. Cam runs NY rap!!Johnny C
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classic cam right here if u

classic cam right here if u didnt like cam before u wont like this that vado nigga aint to bad either
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I Liked Cam before and now im continuously getting disappointed by his drops as of late, this is not Usual Cam, it don't go hard at all, i know he have some Devoted fans by what i see posted here but you gotta listen with a more opinionated ear, this is not a good cam drop i expect better, so i guess you got another stereotype to make up? [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

exactly, yall can try to

exactly, yall can try to stay true to Cam or whatever the fuck you think. Download the shit just because its Cam well guess what? Cam's dissappeared lately and don't seem to give a fuck about the game. Dude stopped putting effort in like dninc said. Its not rocket science. Dude used to come real hard and he just dont anymore. I'm sick of dl'in shit and deletin it repeatedly so i'm not even gonna bother. I x'd this nigga outta my head a looong time ago. But keep showin love for your boy i guess?? haha go getcha wet wipes
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what!...hell naw....

growth & development...this here was nt that bad damn... over half the tracks was good its not trash.

trust me this aint as bad as

trust me this aint as bad as they say it is and i heard some wack ass tapes this month if u fucks with camron download it and if not then dont. but to me he is falling off without the rest of dipset. its like the lakers without kobe.


yo is it really that bad? cause cam was the nigga...then i did hear those king of ohio tapes and those were just "okay". i thought this one would be hot cause drama was on it...but it sounds like its no good. [aye yurp]
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damn niggaz be flip floppin.

damn niggaz be flip floppin. if u down with the dipset stay loyal bitches and jam whatever they put out stupid fucks