DJ Delz Presents Freeway - Philly Freezer

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01 Dj Delz- Intro
02 Freeway- Ham Extreme
03 I-20 Ft. Freeway, Dox Diggla, Goga- Live Is Short
04 Freeway Ft. Free Money- Running The Streets
05 Mayday Ft. Freeway- Highs And Lows (Remix)
06 Freeway Ft. Mac Miller- Pa
07 Freeway- Hustle Baby
08 Garci Ft. Freeway- Gunshots
09 Freeway Ft. Reek Da Villian- I'm In The Hood
10 Ghostwridah Ft. Freeway- Window Cracked
11 Reks Ft. Freeway- U Know
12 Drew Deezy, Thai & Iz Ft. Freeway- We International
13 Freeway- The Concept
14 Dj Delz- Outro

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aint heard this cat in a minute [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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Hmmm perhaps il DL this eastcoast shiz

Freeway had that one track back in the day named "what we do is raw", that's enough for me to hear him out on this tape
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this is fire

the Faboloso tape is slow and boring, Pusher T has a couple of decent tracks but slow too, not banging at all, that was really dissapointing. this, however, is banging, Delz & Freeway you saved me, rap this week is not boring, played this 5 times today and probably will tomorrow.


U must be into that techno/pop shit if you think everything is slow and boring. Get po'd up and smoke some beeetch!

What Tha Fuck? Is this Mixtapetorrent or Facebook?

Bitch if you don't shut'cho Justin Beiber, Jersey Shore lovin ass up, and take that bimbophied post down. Rap is never boring unless you mix it with some of the shit you listen to on a daily basis. LMFAO, you truly are stupid. This bitch jus said that Fab's Soul Tape was "slow and boring",... WOW! Go snort a line you fuckin' crackwhore. " ...BIAATCH! "

u fags are funny as shit

lol at the fags talkin shit to a girl, jus cuz she a girl... FIRST chance they get... these fags kno less bout hiphop then my lil sis manne..forreal
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Been awhile

Haven't listened to Freeway since I was bumpin' the Stimulus Package for a several months. What's the word on this tape? ... Twitter ... @Hurliatus ...