DJ A-Smooth - Up In The Club


1. Usher Ft. Young Jeezy- Love In This Club
2. Chris Brown Ft. T-Pain- Kiss Kiss
3. Lil Wayne-Lollipop
4. Birdman Ft. Lil Wayne- Pop Bottles
5. Ray J Ft. Yung Berg- Sexy Can I
6. 50 Cent- Candy Shop (A-Smooth Blend)
7. Crooklyn Clan- The Franklinz
8. Crooklyn Clan- Thug Anthem 2000
9. Fat Man Scoop- Be Faithful
10. DJ Felli Fel Ft. Diddy, Akon, Ludacris & Lil Jon- Get Buck in Here
11. The Notorious B.I.G.- Nasty Girl (A-Smooth Blend)
12. Kanye West & Daft Punk- Stronger (Transition)
13. O’Neal McKnight- Check Your Coat
14. Lil Mama Ft. Chris Brown & T-Pain- Shawty Get Loose
15. Janet Jackson- Feedback (Party Break)
16. Estelle Ft. Kanye West- American Boy
17. Flo-Rida Ft. Timbaland- Elevator
18. Snoop Dogg- Sensual Seduction
19. Rihanna- Please Don’t Stop The Music
20. Pitbull Ft. Lil Jon- The Anthem
21. Enur Ft. Natasja- Calabria
22. Flo-Rida Ft. T-Pain- Low
23. Plies Ft. Donnie Cross- Buss It Baby (Remix)

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this is a true DJ with real

this is a true DJ with real mixing u dont know shit :)
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guess im just in shock of how new and good these songs are.

Real DJ

These songs are new for him. He usually does throwback shit. He's a real DJ, so it doesn't matter how old the songs are, because he actually does shit with them, that real DJ's use to do. Not like these faggots now, that get shit off the net and just put it on a mixtape and say their name a few times.
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yea i know what your saying ppl just download some songs photo shop a cover and call themselves a dj,i just said it was whack becuase those songs are pretty shitty in my opinion
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Ok let ya boy Jay Jay straighten up both ya faces right quick. First off to the lil white kid dat tried comin at me sideways a few days ago, you didnt slide my dude, i been layin for ya, you cant get nothin by me on here, im like da mixtape torrent back catcher my nigga, call me Mixtape Piazza haha, anyway its lil white boys like you that make niggas like me look bad, chill wit that funny shit on here, this a REAL DJ, this nigga do some real live DJing, creating a new flava to the track, his scratch game is nutso, this where it all started, i know you was in diapers when the shit was happenin but im sure you came across some real DJing before, respect this dude, yeah the tracks is old but A Smooth added some new flava to em, some of these joints are hot, but i respect what he does, dis nigga could scratch da sex in the city soundtrack and i would respect it, he's doin his thing thing! And for the other fruitcake, the DJ's out now might not be so original (most of them) but if it wasnt for them how the fuck would you hear the new joints out? I mean what A Smooth is doin is hot but who da fuck wants to hear the same old songs OVER & OVER again scratched a different way? Come on my nigga you gots to respect both sides of the coin, i dont know bout you my nig but I FEAN for the new WhiteOwl or Scope shit to drop, i wanna hear what new crack is out, i really give a fuck less if a DJ get a song from Limewire or produced da shit himself wit the artist, why would i care? I just wanna hear da shit, tired of niggas bitching bout DJ's, the MAIN reason why you see alot of DJ's wit the same track list is beacause the DJ's from different areas, like you gotta remember that not everyone knows about mixtape torrent my dude lol, a nigga down soth aint finding a WhiteOwl mixtape, a nigga in Cali aint gettin a DJ Scope mixtape, thats why that happens, you feel what im spittin? Ok well i hope ya'll 2 learned somethin from ya boy haha... im no real estate agent but i had to put you niggas in ya place! goodnight! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Haters Got No Bread.... No Cheese.... Ketchup, You Burger Ass Niggas!$!
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I actually downloaded this. The DJing is pretty good. It's a nice mix to have for a party or something.
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Trap800 wrote:
I actually downloaded this. The DJing is pretty good. It's a nice mix to have for a party or something.
thats exactly what this is for my nigga, its good shit if ya into it, like if ya having a party a need to throw some shit on, perfect shit for dat --------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Haters Got No Bread.... No Cheese.... Ketchup, You Burger Ass Niggas!$!

didn't think i'd say this,

didn't think i'd say this, but shit's fire