DJ 31 Degreez & G-Unit - Deep Cover 2K9

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1.50 Cent Feat. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo-Deep Cover(Intro)
2.50 Cent Feat. G-Unit-Ill Be The Shooter(Dissin Rick Ross)
3.Lloyd Banks-Officer Down(Dissin Rick Ross)
4.50 Cent-Tia Told Me(Dissin Rick Ross)
5.50 Cent Feat. R.Kelly-Do What U Do
6.50 Cent Feat. Eminem & Dr.Dre-Crack A Bottle
7.50 Cent-Officer Ricky(Dissin Rick Ross)
8.Tony Yayo-Somebody Snitched(Dissin Rick Ross)
9.50 Cent-N*Gga Ill Hurt U
10.Lloyd Banks-Mind On 187
11.Lloyd Banks-M.B.A.M.
12.50 Cent-Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth(Prod By Dj Premier)
13.Lloyd Banks-Holy Matrimony
14.50 Cent-I Get It In
15.Deep Cover 2k9 Outro

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so i did travel back into the past 2 months, no wait im listening to this mixtape lol

Don't bother with this.

31 Degreez is one of the weakest people around right now. I won't even call his ass a DJ. His Forecast series is okay but all of the themed tapes he tries to do are fuckin' lame. Also just so none of y'all are confused G-Unit didn't have shit to do with this tape, it's just some collection of their songs that 31 Degreez put together in a half-hour in his basement.