Cutmaster C - The Game: Welcome To Compton Pt. 5

Cutmaster C low-rides to Compton, California to pay a visit to The Game aka. Hurricane Game on this crazy mixtape. Featuring nothing but Black Wall Street heat from Compton's own, this joint bangs out all the latest tracks/freestyles + the three Bars freestyles (120, 240 + 360). This mixtape features interviews + cameos from Kanye West, Scarface, Jay-Z, Freeway, Lil' Kim & more.

1 - The Game & Angie (Interview)
2 - The Game - 360 Bars (Dissin' G -Unit)
3 - The Game - 240 Bars (Dissin' G -Unit)
4 - The Game - 120 Bars (Dissin' G -Unit)
5 - The Game - Hard Liquor
6 - The Game - Freestyle
7 - The Game - Puff Puff, Pass
8 - The Game feat. Kanye West - Whole City
9 - The Game feat. Jay-Z - Get It
10 - The Game feat. Mr. Porter - Till The Wheels Fall Off
11 - The Game feat. Scarface - I Never Snitch
12 - The Game - Down (Dissin' 50 Cent)
13 - The Game feat. Lil' Kim - Quiet
14 - The Game feat. Freeway - Gunz
15 - The Game - Get Smashed
16 - The Game - Sessions
17 - The Game - Confessions
18 - The Game- Speaking On Jay- Z
19 - The Game - Niggas Bleed



pussy nigga go bac 2 change of heart bitch

nigga you mad stupid

hey asshole, im pretty sure the game doesnt read this so how bout you shut the fuck up and get off 50s and Olivia's cock


pussy nigga go bac 2 change of heart bitch yo wtfs you sayin man. that dear mr president song is old. it was when him and 50 made up along time ago. get with it man.

the GAME

Hey what up gangstas all i wanna say is the game rules ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggG-unot
ADS's picture

you boths sound like some

you both sound like some faggs i hope you know this

yo is it me or iz 50 doing

yo is it me or iz 50 doing more singing then

Buddy, first of all shut the

Buddy, first of all shut the hell up. AS the other guy said get off olivia's and 50's cock for god sakes. Second of all pretty sure your a fagget so go get on tony gayo's cock too while your at it




u punk ass ho game iz da fakest rapper alive HIS OWN BROTHER CALLED HIM FAKE SAME SOTHIN BITCH


i would lyk 2 no how u no hes fake have u ever met da guy i no i avent ok he may nt be wot he clames bt fiddy clames hes stuff he aint bt i gotta say i do pefer game 2 fiddy but dat only coz ov da massacar it was shite
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game iz iilight

but not everyting he said he did

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Good post man. Game is

Good post man. Game is tight.

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you have no life do you?

you have no life do you?

fuck yall g-unit

fuck yall g-unit wangkstas,all yall kids be seeing this shit yo,down wit g-unit and big up to game payce
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props to g unot and tony gayo

Game is a real ass nigga, he better den 50 his albums are way better. and he more gangsta 50 just a bitch beefin with D-block, calling out Dr. Dre and Jay -Z( you callin out legends??????) gay ass nigga , wanting to by jadakiss contract, i mean god damn hes the only person beefin with rocafella and ruff ryders. so all you g u not fans get the fuck off his DICK! he gonna die one day
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U Guys R Stupid

wow .. k ur stupid if u tink hes fake.. bc he def ant.. de mans a fukin good lyricalist and has a niice flow.. hes a goo hip hop artist.. if u tink G-Unit is hip hop.. then ur FUKD.. bc the onyl hip ho pthere is like Buck and Banks.. 50 is a pussy and a half.. so w.e.. THE GAME ALL DAY EVERYDAY **THE HURRICANE**

Game iz fake

he waz neva in a gang neva in tha streets this nigga had a degree 2 go to fuckin college he turned it down 2 be a gangsta. u know nuthin bout game get ya INFORMATION right bitches

Your a retard

yeah game went to university, and you fuckin idiot he didn't turn it down he went, he got it on a basketball scolarship, he went and got kicked out for dealing on campus, and 50 is the fake on the bitch keeps sayin he got shot 9 times, he took 3, he doesn't smoke weed he doesn't drink, and when he used to deal he would hide the week in some teenagers panties, he was is a bitch. the mother fucker stood up for george bush..... crooklyn slugga you don't know shit

all these hate posts and

all these hate posts and replies on 50 or GAME? Cutmaster C is dope mayn.... still wanna hear some more UNCLE MURDER!!!
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mmkay crooklyn

we all know game is fake and shit but man get off of peoples dicks. i hate games wack ass as much as the next guy but seriously chill...

fuck da game

fuck da game and black wallstreet......this fake bitches aint shit....they're only dickrides in the industry......notin is makin so much diss tracks and he cant kill the unit.....its so funny...maybe next year he can rap about some 1200bars.....and by the actin like the video hoes.....

its hard to understand you

its hard to understand you when you got 50s balls shoved so far back in your mouth dick head

Hip-Hop 101

whats the deal with all this hatin in the air...shit is wild. people should stop hatin on the game & 50 both, artist make great music and together they make even greater music... just respect the hustle and let them do what they do best....make music

all ov yaz iz crazy!

i mean come on if ya like game u gna say dat. if ya like g-unit u gna sai dat. da truth iz dat game iz a fake. his own brother admitted it nd if u still like him then u reli r on gamez dik. so stop sayin we r on g-untiz dick when u r on gamez dik!

50 the only fake nigga

50 the only fake nigga, lyin about gettin shot nine times and you is on g units dick plus 50 crossed over, he went from a song like many men, to best friend from fucken patiently waiting, to THE CANDY SHOP, this nigga singin more than kc and jo jo, goddamn, and then a few years back, he was sayin ja's wack for singin, now hes singin and shakin his ass in the candy shop video

mate this aint a

yo! Rapper4Lyfe mate this aint a diss......... but i read the interview with GAME'S brother & he sounded like a jealous little kiddy!!! his brother actually said " i certified his gangsta " anywayz i dun give a fuck, who ever DR DRE backs...ill buy @ the end of the day its music & this mixtape is tite!! peace

okay :D lol

----------------------------------------------------------- Submitted by braydead on Sun, 03/05/2006 - 11:24pm. yo! Rapper4Lyfe mate this aint a diss......... but i read the interview with GAME'S brother & he sounded like a jealous little kiddy!!! his brother actually said " i certified his gangsta " anywayz i dun give a fuck, who ever DR DRE backs...ill buy @ the end of the day its music & this mixtape is tite!! peace -------------------------------------------------------------- more like who ever dre backs, u will download for free :D game's brotha has more street credit than game himself! ever since his brother told ppl that he never was in a gang, there's not much "blood" or "blood nigga(s)" in his lyrics :D what an ass. aight whack wall street! props for mfizzel

haha! bastard, not true

haha! bastard, not true ya'll!!!

the game aint as fake as 50

the game aint as fake as 50 fucking 50 copied his name fgrom an old school mobster that everyone called 50 cent and his old saying was get rich or die trying so who the fuck is fake get the dvd the real 50 cent fuck like game said quit lieing to the people u dont twist the dro fake ass 50 nigger and the reason game isnt down with him no more is cuz he was doing g unit clothing aids and he asked buck when they get paid for them and buck said they dont get paid for that shit
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No Comment.

No Comment. -melQuan "There Ain't Nuffin' Like Hip-Hop Music!"


stop puttin that stupid ass quote under everything you write
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whateva man... -melQuan "Stop swinging from my nut sack!!!"

get outta here wit yo ghetto ass

i will as soon as you get off 50s cock 10gunot01 "they aint nuffin like tellin melquan to stfu"


its not on this tape.....but gimma a break.... budden said some things things on the tape... first.....he called game a faggot.....(okay but thats not the ponit...) secound...he wears a g-unit head??....the said he suport the unit....(am i raight....??) and last thing he said.....50 punched whoo kid..... so plz correct if i am wrong on that one......
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What's Beef?

On the real, I don't understand why all y'all heated about some bullshit. I don't give a hell if Game was in a gang or whatever. I don't care if 50 got shot. It don't make a difference. If Game makes a hot track I'm gonna rock that shit. If 50 makes a hot track I'm gonna rock that shit too. Don't neither one of them dudes sign my checks. I don't pick sides. I'm a fan like any of y'all. Most rappers lie about shit they did anyway. If you like the music that's all that matters.

Finally a post that seems as

Finally a post that seems as though it were composed by someone with more brain cells than fingers. "fuk u. dat shit iz wak" IS IT THAT HARD TO TYPE AN EXTRA FEW LETTERS?! C'mon now. As for all the wars on here, Trill Will is right, "If you like the music that's all that matters" -- fuck all the bullshit. If the music's hot, who gives a fuck what any other mother fucker says.

check DJ Clue - Fidel Cashflow 2006 posts

check the dialogue between JayB and Jesse under the DJ Clue Fidel Cashflow mixtape posts. you will have a breath of fresh air.
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JayB-Still LAME

hey man,i don't think anyone needs to go back to old posts to read your dumbass comments. you were talking to me like some enlightened hip hop mastermind. Just like in this one above "a breath of fresh air" from something you wrote? do you honestly think your words are that powerful? do you think someone will go find that post, read it, and say "wow JayB is smart muther fucker, i need to meet and hang out with this guy, he IS hip hop." grow up, and keep my name out of your comments bitch.
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I Fucks Wit Game

This tape is betta than the past 6 g-unit radio tapes. fuck g-unit it's all about The Game mofuckas

man fuck da game

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Game tha realest rapper out

Game tha realest rapper out there! His flow is crazy! Fuck 50's bubblegum-shit that shit iz wack!

fuck game

i reall y hate that nigga u think game iz real cause he got gunz on thiz cover hiz own brother called him out sayin he waz fake what other proof do i need?