Cartune Netwerk & K Dough - Strictly For Traps And Trunks 4 (Hosted By OJ Da Juiceman)


01. Oj Da Juiceman - Intro
02. Oj Da Juiceman - 20, 40 [Prod. By Mike Will Made It]
03. Waka Flocka Flame Feat. Uncle Murda & Ra Diggs - Live By The Gun [Prod By
Lex Luger]
04. Lil Boosie Ft. Webbie, Foxx & Lil Trill - Better Not Fight
05. Ju Feat. Oj Da Juiceman - Acrobat
06. Big Boi Ft. Bun B & Project Pat - Shine Blockas (Remix)
07. Project Pat Ft. Don Trip - Burglar Bars
08. Waka Flocka - Here U Go Again [Produced By Lex Luger & Tay Beatz]
09. Lil Murda Ft. Young Buck & Cruna - On One
10. Eldorado Red Feat. Alley Boy - They Hate
11. Respect My Gwap
12. Wooh Da Kid Feat. Gucci Mane - Talkers
13. Oj Da Juiceman - Gangsta Gangsta [Prod. By Justice League]
14. Young Jeezy Feat. Yo Gotti - All White Everything [Remix]
15. Trae Feat. Ro'zay Richie & Yo Gotti - B.M.F [Remix]
16. T.K. Feat. Muney V - Nike Airz [Prod. By Gt]
17. Oj Da Juiceman - Dope Cooking Fool [Prod. By Zaytoven]
18. Slim Dunkin - Twitter That
19. Calico Jonez - Primetime [Deion]
20. Tay Don - Robbin Season [Prod. By Doughboy Beatz]
21. Slick Pulla Feat. Alley Boy - My Trap 2 Yours
22. Bun B - Let Em Know [Prod By Dj Premier]

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They Were Better Off Lettin Big K.R.I.T. Host This

This was the worst they've done so far I don't know why OJ's hostin this or where the fuck Traps & Trunks 3 is, but most of these songs have been out the past few weeks. Either way, I just can't ride to So Icey cause it's just too childish & retarded for me. I'd just download this for the Boosie & Bun B track, which was the best song on this...Don't Try To Call It Hate When You Know It's Just The Truth...
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Oj Been played out, nigga'z

Oj Been played out, nigga'z still ridin to this shit? they gettin laughed at lol, nigga'z might even throw rocks at yo shit/ - Legalize it -
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STRICTLY GARBAGE!!! cant stand his little short ompa looking rapping ass all he do is say ay ay ay fuckin sesame street adlibs and shit get out of the rap game oj da juice man lmao ~DIVIDE AND CONQUER~
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HAAATERs dats sad bra

HAAATERs dats sad bra bra$watdeydo$
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whats up with

whats up with that trae tape and that fiend tape, and killer mike and freddie gibbs its a drought....
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That's the.....

Man, that young bleed cd you got on your pic is the one. Why hasn't he had any drops on here? $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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That's the.....

Man, that young bleed cd you got on your pic is the one. Why hasn't he had any drops on here? $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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Yeah they haters

OJ is a Lyrical genius, his music is the answer to all our prayers, we should all get together and start saying those great inspirational words of wisdom.. Aye.... aye.. aye... ok... don't you all get it? it's common logic, the message is metaphorically hidden but you have to have a great mind like OJ to decipher it... such greatness, OJ should rap during the opening of the next UN meeting so the world can "aye... ok" La-dee-da.
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we are the world aye aye we are the children ok ok ~frayser boy track chopped and screwed by me