DJ Bobby Black - The Carter Show (Shawn & Dwayne Carter) (Live In Concert)

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01. Dj Bobby Black - Welcome To The Show
02. Jay-Z Feat. Lil Wayne - Hello Brooklyn //Duffule Bag Boy (Live In Nyc!!!!)
03. Lil Wayne Speaks(Live!!!)
04. Lil Wayne - Hustlers Music(Live!!!!)
05. Lil Wayne û Gossip ( Bet Hip Hop Awards)
06. Jay-Z - Interlude (Live!!!!)
07. B.I.G Rap City Interview
08. Jay-Z Tribute To B.I.G
09. Notorious B.I.G Feat. Jay-Z - Get Money (Live Performance 1995!!!)
10. Jay-Z //David Letterman Interview
11. Jay-Z - Roc Boys (Live!!!!)
12. Jay-Z Feat. Fione Simone - American Dream //American Nightmare (Live!!!!)
13. Lil Wayne - Rap City Freestyle
14. Lil Wayne - Sky Is The Limit(Live!!!!)
15. Lil Wayne Arrested
16. Lil Wayne - Dying(Live!!!)
17. Jay- Z Interview
18. Jay-Z - Where I'm From (Classic Live!!!!)
19. Jay-Z //David Letterman Interview
20. Freeway Feat. Jay-Z - What We Do (Live!!!)
21. Kayne West Feat. Jay-Z Big Brother // Encore(Live!!!)
22. Dj Bobby Black Outro

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im getting so fuckin tired

im getting so fuckin tired of the same jay z tracks whenever hes on a mixtape, AG was fuckin overrated i love hov and i hate to say it.. but make some new shit or djs get of his dizzick

you dumb fuck, this is a all

you dumb fuck, this is a all live mixtape, learn how to read