DJ Hevehitta , DJ Unexpected & Young Buck - Buck The Law

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1. (00:01:55) Young Buck - Buck The Law Produced By Dj Unexpected For Lxg Music Group
2. (00:04:07) Young Buck - All Eyez On Me Fuck The Police
3. (00:05:18) Young Buck - I Got Money Ft Cashville Records
4. (00:03:03) Young Buck - Get Your Murder On
5. (00:04:25) Young Buck - Pass It Around Ft Question Shiest Bubz
6. (00:03:32) Young Buck - The Strip Club
7. (00:04:15) Young Buck - Cashville County Ft The Outlawz C-Bo
8. (00:04:35) Young Buck - Wanted Dead Or Alive Fuck The Police Ft Dj Paul
9. (00:03:39) Young Buck - Thugged Out
10. (00:02:45) Young Buck - Im Gangsta Ft Tony Yayo
11. (00:02:16) Young Buck - 2 Birds
12. (00:03:19) Young Buck - Teach Em Bout Playin Wit Me Ft C-Bo
13. (00:03:48) Young Buck - They Shootin Ft C-Bo Spider Loc
14. (00:03:36) Young Buck - Where You From Ft E S G
15. (00:04:05) Young Buck - Damn Right Im Bout Mine Ft Lil Boosie 615
16. (00:05:25) Young Buck - It Dont Bother Me Ft 50 Cent Mase Spider Loc
17. (00:02:13) Young Buck - Pray For Me
18. (00:03:37) Young Buck - Project Naz Ft Mobb Deep
19. (00:02:39) Young Buck - Niggas Ft Tony Yayo
20. (00:04:43) Young Buck - Stomp Original Version Ft T I Ludacris
21. (00:02:25) Young Buck - Black Gloves
22. (00:04:09) Young Buck - Feds Taking Pictures

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Buck The Law

Best Buck tape in a while. Lovin' the intro, Hev-E from top to bottom + a killa cover. Cashville Records = the best movement movin'. Thug Life b*tch! Anytime you wanna see me again, rewind this sh*t right here, close your eyes...and picture me rollin'. P.S. I don't wanna hear no G-Unit hate comments after this sh*t. What you think bout this mixtape? "I bet you got it twisted you don't know who to trust/ So many playa hatin' n*ggaz tryin' to sound like us/ Say they ready for the funk, but I don't think they knowin'/ Straight to the depths of hell is where those cowards goin'" -2Pac Support the underground, veterans, real artists & DJ's. B-More signin' out...1