Black ELement - A Major Minority


01 You Can't Hide (Wake Up)
02 The Stickup Kid_!_!
03 Can't Call It
04 All I _3 (Feat. Nav)
05 Out In The Cold
06 Human
07 It's All Relative (Family First)
08 Headaches
09 Where My Heart Is
10 Ride It Out
11 Runnin' Yungin'
12 Roadtrip
13 The Burbs
14 Quiet Nights (Feat. Jelani)
15 Never Thought (Dreamin')

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anybody know who tha fuck these ppl are?

Black ass nigga

Got Damn that nigga blacka den a biiiiiiiiiitch!
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Tobias wrote:
anybody know who tha fuck these ppl are?
Blacky, Blacker, and Mic Neck, WTF get wit it nigga, these dudes are HOT!

Ummmm its ONE GUY!..smh

Ummmm its ONE GUY!..smh

hows the tape

hows the tape

Killer cd cover, seems like

Killer cd cover, seems like people are ashamed of their color and the benefits of strong melanin content. blue black. krisna and the original man.


it's actually a good cd......they have a sick flow