Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes - Exclusive Tunes S.G. 9

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01 Ya Boy - Young And Reckless (Feat. Bishop Lamont, Jah Free)
02 DJ Khaled - Fed Up (Feat. Drake, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Usher)
03 Game - Krazy (Feat. Gucci Mane, Timbaland)
04 Gucci Mane - Wasted (Remix) (Feat. Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Birdman)
05 Drake - Play Ball (Remix) (Feat. Soulja Boy, S Tha Mogul)
06 Lil Wayne - Throw It In The Bag (Remix) (Feat. Drake)
07 Sean Kingston - Miss Everything (Feat. SugaBabes)
08 Jadakiss - The Last Party (Remix) (Feat. Nipsey Hussle, J The S, Dre
09 Drake - I Do This (Feat. Belly)
10 Lil Wayne - Speaks On Mixtapes And Jay-Z
11 Lil Wayne - D.O.A. (Remix)
12 Game - Better Days
13 Drake - Slow It Down (Remix) (Feat. Deonte)
14 Glasses Malone - Real P.I. (Feat. Swollen Members)
15 Timbaland - Ease Off The Liquor
16 Drake - Say Something (Remix) (Feat. Lupe Fiasco, Timbaland)
17 Lil Wayne - Going In (Remix)
18 Gucci Mane - Haters Got Me Wrong (Feat. Z-Ro, Chris Ward)
19 Game - Big Money
20 TRP - Shawty Get In
21 Talib Kweli - Anguish, Love And Romance (Feat. The New Congress)
22 2 Fly - Star Child
23 Snoop Dogg - Livin It Up (Feat. Shwyze)
24 Hell Rell - I Heard They're Looking For Me
25 JR Writer - I'm Alive
26 Birdman - Thinkin To Myself (Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne, Brisco)
27 Ludacris - How Low
28 Holly - Words Mean Nothing
29 Soulja Boy - I Can Make These Hoes Dance
30 T-Pain - Drop It
31 Rihanna - Contemplate (Feat. Wale)
32 Keri Hilson - I Like
33 Game - My Bitch (Feat. Richie Wess)
34 Amerie - Swag Back
35 Talib Kweli - Get Started (Feat. Strong Arm Steady)
36 Saigon - Say Yes Part 2
37 Gorilla Zoe - Patron
38 Hippo - Good Life
39 Wale - Letter (Feat. John Mayer)
40 Twista - Freak Show XXX (Feat. The New Congress)
41 Ryan Leslie - To The Top
42 Fabolous - More Than Love (Feat. Amerie)
43 Gucci Mane - Burr (Remix) (Feat. Ya Boy)
44 R Kelly - Echo
45 John Legend - Believe Me (Feat. Shawnna)
46 J Holiday - Lose Your Love (Feat. Claudette Ortiz)
47 Lil Wayne - Make Her Say (Remix) (Feat. Lady Gaga)
48 Jaheim - Ain't Leaving Without You
49 J Holiday - Back
50 Ne-Yo - When He Kissed Me
51 Alicia Keys - Sleeping With A Broken Heart
52 Snoop Dogg - Empire State Of Mind (Remix) (Feat. Alicia Keys)
53 Lil Wayne - Let's Go Crazy (Feat. Mack Maine, T-Streets, Shanell)
54 Beanie Sigel - Jay-Z Diss
55 Jay-Z - Meiple (Snippet) (Feat. Robin Thicke)

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nothin special

nothin special
reppin701's picture

this is all old shit nothing new



Glad to see Writer Back. Track# 35 is a repeat from S.G.#8. JR Writer better than half of these no talent rappers I see on this site. Just listen.
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this is big as hell

damnn 55 tracks in one week gunna check this shit out
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and wow

who woulda guessed biggy jiggy would push back the release of the website. what else is new. biggy jiggy is always delaying shit.

Track 8 - Fucking amazing....

Cant speak for the whole mix tape.... but track 8 is perfect.

Just Another Mixtape!!

Artist!!Artists!!Artists!Artists!!Artists!!Artists!!! Please Check out Some Of My Production!! You Will Not Be Disappointed!! Dont Let This Chance Go By!! You Usually Dont hear good beats from cats promote their shit on the net, but trust me, you wont regret this!! Show Some Support Nd Check Me Out!!


Game on some next shit...krazy is aight..Big money is aight...but Better Days is dope...I expected more from Game but its not bad atm!! R.E.D!!!!
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Where 10 at?

Been waitin on S.G. 10 for a minute. Where you at Jiggy?