Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes - Exclusive Tunes 48

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1. Ludacris - Press The Start Button
2. D12 - Hater In The Club (Feat. Carlito)
3. Lil Wayne - Tiffany Blews (Feat. Fallout Boy)
4. The Game - I Hate U (Feat. Carlito)
5. Cassidy - Misunderstood (Remix)
6. Lil Wayne - Me And Her (Feat. Gata)
7. Drake - Money To Blow (Remix) (Feat. Jfk)
8. Chamillionaire - Answer Machine (Feat. J Pich)
9. Plies - Want It, Need It (Feat. Ashanti) (Prod. By Jr Rotem)
10. Gorilla Zoe - What It Is (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross)
11. Freeway - Iæm Great
12. Lupe Fiasco - Hustlers And Customers
13. Plies - I Chase Paper
14. Rick Ross - Look At My Swag (Remix) (Feat. Ace Hood, Papa Duck)
15. Kanye West - Digital Girl (Feat. Jamie Foxx, The Dream)
16. Freeway - Look Around
17. Willie The Kid - Well Respected (Feat. La The Darkman)
18. Termanology - Thugathon (Feat. Statik Selektah, Lil Fame)
19. Young Dro - Excuse Me (Feat. Doeshun)
20. Styles P - On Smash (Feat. Pete Rock, Camp Lo)
21. Lil Wayne - The Things U Do (Cd Version) (Feat. Lloyd, Young Keno)
22. Plies - Co-Defendant
23. Playaz Circle - Lamborghini (Feat. Oj The Juiceman, Yung Ralph)
24. Lil Wayne - What They Need (Snippet) (Feat. Trey Songz)
25. Ludacris - Bonus Track - Runaway Love (Remix) (Feat. Asher Roth, Mary J.

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That Game

Track go Hard. Straight Fire



Fuckin Clown

Guest123 wrote:
Get this fuckin clown bout "First!" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ #1 u aint first my dude so go suck ur mommas nutz #2 If u aint gonna comment on the tape get the fuck outta hea

I fucking 2nd the motion to

I fucking 2nd the motion to exterminate all "First" Pussy Bullshit!

biggy jiggy

just cuz this dude cums out wit new songs everyday doesnt mean they are good songs most these dam songs on these biggy jiggy tapes is soft as fuck...but there are a few good ones.

Fuck it, over the course of

Fuck it, over the course of 2 weeks I got over 2 discs of hot shit from Biggy Jiggy.

those mardi gras beads are

those mardi gras beads are mad gangster


Get A Biggy Jiggy White Owl & Scope in 1 day... I agree not all the tracks are the best on the BJ mixes but fresh new music always is good instead of 2 months of recycled shit. I see most this shit he gets on iHipHop usually. And don't worry about the losers saying first there like the emo kids of hip hop they need extra attention so they say first other wise instead of cutting themselfs they'd should themselfs like Plaxico



that dude

that dude got tits, looks like he's lactating and is too afraid to show his face


I believe that's plies. Biggy jiggy is a beasttt

that's plies you fuckin

that's plies you fuckin idiot, why r u even on this shit?

Biggy Jiggy crack as usual

Biggy Jiggy crack as usual!!! Keep it up, u my fav. dj right now
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Anybody know when in

Anybody know when in December Lax airport closures coming out?


loool ive been anticipating that shit longer than dtox and relapse by eminem

u never fuckin know with

u never fuckin know with game. i love the guys shits but he always got us waitin, i wouldnt be suprised at all if its pushed to january release (knock on wood). but fuck its gonna be fire whenever it drops

Too many

Records be getting pushed back Em n 50 got pushed back which means Detox got pushed back now this Game mix probably will get pushed back. Not really a 50 fan but wanna hear it see if its old 50 or this ayo shit. Why they always pushing shit back anyways? All i hear is album is done ready to go than oh pushing it back another 5 months.. and for whoever was wondering who it was it should be simple how many times do you see Plies on this album? Put 2 n 2 together my dude



Mad luv to biggy jiggy,

Mad luv to biggy jiggy, always bringing me something fresh to listen to! But for real do half these fucking artists even listen to there fucking songs after they record them? No joke the only song I didn't skip afta the first minute or so was the Lupe track...yes theres haters, yes theres money, yes theres swagger, yes theres fucking auto tune but as a hip hop fan i've almost had to much of this repetitive shit...and fuck freeway with his song a month shit, dude has never made a song I can listen to from start to finish. why are we over flooding the market with a bunch of fuckwits who have nothing more to say past there debut album...Not tryna be a hater, but damn can't half these cunts step there game up???

Prob cuz..

most hip hop is aimed towards suburban America typically well brought up kids who tend to think they got it tough cause mommy n daddy wont buy em a new car and they just see a track from an artist who is main stream and think "oh its gotta be hot" fork out money for it. Artist just trying make money whether shits good or not. Hell my 15 yr old cousin loves lollipop by lil wayne I asked why she says cause.... thats the answer or now its cause it had a hot beat and it was best song EVER... lol, like best ever?!? Get the fuck outta here. One track minded kids now.

I think everything took a

I think everything took a turn when hiphop went to the club. Top 40 music became mostly hip hop about 10 years ago and then started being played in clubs. Rock has subdivisions and I think hip hop is becoming that. Rap vs hip hop is something else...but you got that club shit (wayne & kanye, Flo-rida) South shit (Chamillionaire, Plies, 3-6 Mafia) Street shit (D-Block, Dipset, Papoose) I mean the list goes on. But I think once hip hop hit the clubs it got softer and less hardcore. Im used to hardcore shit cause that what I grew up on. When rappers put time into their shit. Drake got everything handed to him. He aint gonna appreciate shit like other rappers that had to hustle from the bottom.
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in and all out reply to

in and all out reply to every1 there is aleady sub divisions of hip hop has been for a while you can get whatever you want out there now there is so many artist you can listen to intelligent hip hop even though that is not particulary what sells (common aint dead neither is talib, q tip, etc) to sugar coated pop rap (young berg, soulja boy not hatin but thats what they do) and im sick of every1 sayin hip hop was better 10 15 20 years ago we have a progressed and with that progression there is both good and bad there are artists that havnt "sold out". Hip hop is no longer a black thing or a white thing and to the guy above saying most white people buy hip hop now that has always been true the fact is white people simply make up a much higher porportion of the population its not about selling out or hip hop changing remember public enemy guess who bought most of there albums?yea it was white kids then to. today thats even changing with the only people really goin 2 the store to buy the album being females of all races and ages. So please im asking every1 to stop leaving in the past and step into the present all day long i hear people say where is the real hip hop? its out there but now u just gotta look a lil harder to find it. PEACE AND LOVE 2 all damn that was a rant and i hate that shit sorry

I will say are on

I will say are on point. The beats today are off the wall and more complex compared to 10 years ago. Back then it was lots of looping and then a chorus. I can respect new shit but love my old shit too
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man i love my old shit 2 i

man i love my old shit 2 i aint that old (22) but i rock wit wit my biggy shit & that mid 90's shit but like i said i appreciate the old school but we have progressd now theres just more 2 choose from

Runaway Love Remix is hot,

Runaway Love Remix is hot, love the new middle portion... anyone know who that is? sounds like eminem...?

asher roth

asher roth, says on cover


THis cd is stupid...heard the new plies already and it's not half as good as the last. It had maybe ...maybe...maybe three songs that were good on there. And white owl like always is trying to make a name off of every lil wayne song that comes out. Lil wayne is a featured artist on half of whiteowls track list but he puts that they are by lil wayne just to get people to download his shit for nothign tapes. sorrry im through with trashin white owl. he knows his a dick rider, the repeated stiches in his ass are enough to prove wayne has been in his ass a few times.

fuck all u cock sucker on the top

biggy jiggy aint shit ya just wasting time and fuck that first nigga
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this nigga straight bro,

this nigga straight bro, feelin that d12 track too

}{ Yo


Biggy Wiggy

U mean Usain Bolt dumb fuck? Fuck Biggy wiggy. Drop that!




I NEED THAT FUCKIN EXCLUSIVE TUNES 49...48 hours is enough wait let's go!!!!!