Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes - Exclusive Tunes 35

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1. Glasses Malone - Lonely At The Top
2. Lil Wayne - Iæm A Boss (Feat. Paull Wall, Young Life)
3. Jadakiss - Deeper Than Rap Verse
4. Glasses Malone - Number One
5. 40 Cal - La La La (Remix)
6. Jim Jones - Pull Up In The Club
7. Freeway - Everythingæs Gonna Be All Right (Feat. Young Chris)
8. Rick Ross - Live Your Life Freestyle
9. Stat Quo - The Sun 10. Gorilla Zoe - Go Girl (Remix) (Feat. Ciara)
11. 40 Cal - Homecoming (Feat. Sudaboss)
12. Freeway - Love 2 Ball
13. Usher - Hush
14. 40 Cal - Feelings
15. Rick Ross - You Gotta Love Me (Feat. Duece Pound)
16. Lupe Fiasco - Accept The Troubles
17. Jr Writer - Sceaming Freestyle
18. 40 Cal - The Way I Live
19. Slim - U Know (Feat. Gucci Mane)
20. Murphy Lee - Haitin (Feat. Young Dro)
21. Nelly - Letæs Go
22. Rick Ross - Ball Like A Dog (Feat. Brisco)
23. Maino - Best In The City (Feat. Gillie Da Kid, Rocky Fontaine)
24. Chris Brown - Oh Girl (Snippet)

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any good

any good


wtf, wayne in the middle of the cover when the one track on the tape wit him in it aint even his. man what the fuck?

That's because he's

That's because he's overhyped and everyone is on his dick.

You gotta give biggy jiggy

You gotta give biggy jiggy credit though, he got wayne on only like 1/3 covers....unlike whiteowl and scope cocksuckers...

True I give him credit for

True I give him credit for resisting the urge to put Wayne on every mixtape he puts out


hard to deny that BJ is that nigga for good shit right now. Big up

Im gettin Jiggy wit it

Homeboy puttin it down, i cant lie, cant hate, dl this tape, no essays but imma tell niggas like NIKE "Just do it"

puttin out good shit but the

puttin out good shit but the covers are terrible!!! holla at dub designs


There are other rappers on the cover hell ther is a plies cd on it too! and "GASPS" MUSIC if u want d/l this FREE tape and make a comment on ur view of the music not the cover that u must want to d/l n make a print out to and jerk off too. Dude puts wayne on cover cuz alot ppl like wayne n see him they dont look at list just d/l it. Seriously stupid ppl I just wish get cancer and die. Anyway like always as of late Biggy Jiggy coming thru with the new hot shit worth the d/l and adding to the collection ppl, take care all