Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes - Exclusive Tunes 73

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1. Fabolous - Throw It In The Bag (Feat. The Dream)
2. Flo Rida - Yayo (Feat. Rick Ross, Ace Hood, Red Eyezz,
Brisco, Billy Blu,
Ball Greezy,
Bred, Pitbull)
3. Lil Wayne - Letæs Talk Money (Feat. T-Pain, Pimp C)
4. Jadakiss - Kiss My Ass

5. Kanye West - Flight School (Cd Version) (Feat. Glc, T-Pain)
6. Busta Rhymes - Watch How You Talk (Feat. The Game,
Raekwon, Uncle Murda)
7. Lil Wayne - So Sharp (Feat. Jim Jones, Mack 10)
8. Slim Thug - I Run (Remix) (Feat. Brisco, Red
Cafe, Maino)
9. Ron Browz - Big Time (Feat. Nelly, Bow Wow)
10. Nagee - Takeover Time
11. The Game - Stand Over
There (Remix) (Feat. Maino, Mahagani)
12. Fat Joe - Hey Joe
13. Snoop Dogg - Snoop Dogg Millionaire (Feat. Tanvi
14. Jim Jones - How To Be A Boss (Feat. Ludacris, Noe)
15. Glasses Malone - Saturday (Feat. Mistah Fab, Mack 10,
Greg Street, Fiend)
16. Lloyd Banks - Truth Hurts
17. Keri Hilson - Turn My Swag On (Remix)
18. Kevin Rudolf - Welcome
To The World (Remix) (Feat. Kid Cudi)
19. Juelz Santana - I Am The Club (Feat. Skull Gang)
20. Twista - On Top (Feat.
21. Chamillionaire - Welcome To Huston (Feat. Slim Thug, Paul Walll, Mike Jones,
Ugk, Lil Keke,
Z-Ro, Trae, Rob
G, Lil O, Big Pokey, Mike D, Yung Redd)
22. Slim Thug - Leanin (Feat. Ugk)
23. Mims - Let Me Do My Thing (Feat. Shawty
24. Glasses Malone - So Made For Me (Feat. Mark Mclaughin)
25. Shawty Lo - On My Grind (Feat. Cosa Nostra)

26. Young Buck - My Zone (Feat. Glasses Malone)
27. Bobby Valentino - Kidnapping Your Love (Feat. Emilio)
28. Jim
Jones - I Love Her (Feat. Marques Huston)
29. Clyde Carson - Secret Lover (Feat. Rico Love)
30. Ne-Yo - It Just Makes
31. Rick Ross - Maybach Music Part 2 (Preview) (Feat. Kanye West, T-Pain, Lil

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this shit finally drop

i been waitin for this since 1 week
eckoblue777's picture

bout time

i waited atleast a week for this, almost had to go cop those loafers keep it juicy yall
true_hustlin's picture

non exclusive

because all he does is cop the latest shit out there and make a compilation out of it.


why don't you do the same and call them true_hustlin mixtapes that way you can hate on yourself some more. Keep up the good work Jiggy. Much appreciated.
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jiggy always has the best stuff

nice work

i just stumbled upon these on 71 n he jiggy always comes with the freshest music, props to whoever posted this, this is a must have for sure
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shit is all new music.. but

shit is all new music.. but listen to it and it wouldnt matter if it was fresh off the press or if its been out for yrs;; its the quality of the music.. and this shit is wackk!!.. that so sharp is funny... couple fack ass bloods.. not talking about mack10..... i didnt know bloods like to wear tight jeans like that niggga wayne n jim jones...!!! we need some bangers.. not this soft shit.. hang it up. biggy... whiteowl comeback my boy!!!!! at least that nigga whiteowl never put neyo and flo rida on his shit...
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Nice Compliation!

I found some of these songs on some Blogs, i figured someone was going to slap it on their mixtape with a Ready Made cover.. For your info.. THESE MIXTAPES COME OUT ONLY AS FAST AS THE LABEL DESIGNER CAN DESIGN A COVER!! This whole thing has turned into who can do the best Cover now.. and then oh yea.. there's some music too!

ive been gettin jiggys shit

ive been gettin jiggys shit since exclusive tunes 38 came out he always have the same shit as white owl and he has em first but jiggy been gettin slow with these he was crankin out like 3 a week now he does one every 10 days idk if all the cover art shit is true but he gotta pick up the pace im these songs are getting played out in my car