Big Mike & Supa Mario - Sheek Louch: Still A Wolf

Sheek Louch dares you to walk with him and Big Mike on this brand new official D-Block mixtape Still A Wolf. An original member of the platinum rap trio The Lox, and currently one-fourth of the mighty D-Block, Sheek aka. "The Wolf" stays supplying the street with that raw Yonkers flow. Dropping this mixtape only a few months after the release of his Koch Records album After Taxes, the D-Block co-CEO wastes no time getting back on his grind and keeping his fans satisfied. This mixtape packs a new dose of exclusive tracks, freestyles & disses. With Tax Day around the corner, the Tax Collector's coming through talking shit and you can be sure he ain't crying wolf.

1. Sheek Louch - Intro
2. Sheek Louch - Gangsta Shit
3. Sheek Louch - Incognito
4. Sheek Louch - Cock Back
5. Sheek Louch - Murda Murda
6. Skit
7. Jadakiss & Styles P - Ms. Jackson (Dissin' 50 Cent)
8. Sheek Louch - Heard 'Em Say Freestyle
9. Sheek Louch feat. J-Hood & Styles P. - Everything Ya Got [from Clinton Sparks' Touch The Sky]
10. Sheek Louch - Fade Out
11. Sheek Louch - Reload
12. Sheek Louch - Devine
13. Skit
14. Sheek Louch - Get That Money
15. Sheek Louch - March Niggas
16. D-Block feat. Sheek Louch - D.B.L.O.C.K.
17. Sheek Louch - Conceited Freestyle
18. Sheek Louch - Watch Me
19. Sheek Louch - G's Up
20. Sheek's Album Intro
21. Outro


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Good Shit!

If this tape is anything like any other Supa Mario mixtape it will be hotter than any official release. Let's ust hope Styles tape is right around the corner.
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is anyone else having problems with this tracker?
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sorry jesse but it workin fine on mine

sorry jesse but it workin fine on mine i'm using morpheus, and so farr i haven't had any problems with any torrents, this torrent works fine to sorry cuz

styles p is the shit. he

styles p is the shit. he just as good as jadakiss.
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i'd say he's better than kiss

i'd say he's better than kiss

maybe, dude, i dunno theyre

maybe, dude, i dunno theyre both pretty tight. isnt jada supposed to come out with a new solo joint, kiss my ass, or something?
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Is this traker working yet? i tried last night and it was not. thanks man

it's been working for me

it's been working for me
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ok, i'll try it again tonight. i use bittornado, and last night i kept getting a red circle and eventual error message. hopefully it will work tonight, thanks.

bittornado used to do that

bittornado used to do that shit to me all the time, try bitcomet, i like it a lot better.
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thanks man, i downloaded bitcomet and it worked great. hanks again.

yoo, where did the

yoo, where did the attachment go to this? mfizzy could u put it back up, or hook me up somehow with a way to DL this?? thanx

where is the attachment ?

where is the attachment ?