All-Star - The Tenn-A-Keyan 3


01 Unfuckwitable (Prod. By Dumisani Sr.)
02 Iball (Prod. By Broadway)
03 Run This Town Starstyle
04 Starbuck's Hit Em Up (Prod. By Coop)
05 Adios Starstyle
06 I.E. Cipher Feat. Yo Gotti (Prod. By Wee Wee)
07 24-23 Starstyle
08 Do The Middleman Feat. Yo Gotti (Prod. By Drumma Drama)
09 Mike J Urpy Urpy Feat. Gucci Mane, Starlito & Zed Zilla (Prod. By Broadway)
10 Starlito Speaks
11 All The Way Turnt Up Introducing Trash Bag Gang
12 Tie The Bag Tight Feat. Young Buck & Yo Gotti
13 Throw It In The Bag Remix Starstyle
14 On Deck Tv Freestyle
15 Catch Me In Traffic Feat. Mike J (Prod. By Wee Wee)
16 Street Hustle Cold Feat. Starlito (Prod. By Nyse)
17 Jackin' 5 Beats
18 Champagne Crazy 2.0 Feat. Yo Gotti & Robin Raynelle (Prod. By Fate Eastwood)
19 Ep Paper Chase Remix Feat. Starlito
20 Fly Major Famous Girls Remix Feat. Starlito
21 Grind Hard Cipher (Prod. By Street Symphony)
22 Outro
23 #Isly (Bonus)

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I kno dis gon b sum fire Lynwood Stand The Fuck Up!!
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I been listening to Allstar since 2005 the year before he got signed. He been throwing out fire since then and Lil Wayne aint trying to put him out. He really got a different flow better then GUCCI, or alot of artist in your top 20. If you dont believe me go back 2 the tenn-a-keyan 1 & 2. or listen to Starlito's way 1,2..........Check this mixtape out its FIRE!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TENNAKEY
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Definately a good tape

This is definately a good download, well worth downloading and listenin too, if ya'll don't know about lito, this tape will do him justice and get ya on the bandwagon..
Now i need to address this quote:
He really got a different flow better then GUCCI, or alot of artist in your top 20.
LOL!!!!! If i put kittens in a microwave and set it to high they'll flow better than Gucci! c'mon man! lol
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im a check dis out...jus

im a check dis out...jus becuz this nigga wearing a jacky moon flint tropics jersey from tha movie simi pro
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Man anything All$tar puts

Man anything All$tar puts out is fire! Lito has a style of his own and can be as lyrical as anybody. Man him and Young Buck always go hard together Id like to see them and Yo Gotti start a record label or something

I really do not understand

I really do not understand why Cash Money hasn't done anything with All Star. He's better than Drake, Gudda Gudda, Tyga, fuck... he's better than the whole Young Money crew. And best of all, he has his own unique style. It seems to me like everyone signed to Young Money is just a wanna be Wayne. I wish Lito was signed to Young Money so that he'd be working with Wayne all the time and showing up all the fake bitches signed to Young Money. All Star really is grinding hard as fuck. He's got 3 mixtape series, Starlito's way, Tenn-a-keyan, and the i love you series. He puts out quality shit and he hasn't stopped since like 04.
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Co-sign everything but him

Co-sign everything but him being in young money, young money is the softest group of rappers since......well maybe ever. Is there anyone in young money that you'd be worried bout fighting if you had to?? I wish he wasnt with Cash Money at all cause Baby and Wayne have such big egos that there always the ones bout to drop, then if you have your own video they have more face time than you do. Its like they refuse to step back for a sec and let someone else get alil spotlight
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He's definitely the best new

He's definitely the best new school lyricist.
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allstar always go hard in da paint ya he still signed to CASHMONEY records ? every mixtape starlito has dropped has been fiya..if y'all aint heard of allstar you should fucks with this shit right chea yuuunda stand me
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growth & development... All-star this a must have i fucks with lito!!