DJ Whiteowl & Lil Wayne - Young Money Empire 4

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1. Prostitute pt 2 (not on carter 3)
2. Action (exclusive) (not on carter 3)
3. Whip it (exclusive) (not on carter 3)
4. Money in the way (not on carter 3)
5. Grindin all my life (not on carter 3)
6. Welcome 2 paradise (not on carter 3)
7. Be my girlfriend (not on carter 3)
8. Fuck mixtape dj's
9. Official apology to mixtape djs
10. A mille (remix) ft jay-z , jadakiss & cory gunz
11. Phone home
12. Dr carter
13. Mr carter ft jay-z
14. Started out hustlin' ft busta rhymes
15. Let the beat build prod by kanye west
16. Please don't shoot me down
17. Dont touch me
18. Massive trip rmx
19. Haters ft glasses malone
20. Out here grindin' ft dj khaled, akon & plies
21. Thinkin of u ft tyga
22. Got monet ft t.pain
23. Me and my drink
24. Peat
25. I (unreleased)
26. Jae millz - young money gangsta

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HAHAHAHA! Number 8's got me

HAHAHAHA! Number 8's got me rolling.

nah...number 9 is funny

nah number 9 is funnier..this nigga is finished he try 2 retract what he said but realizes he sound like a bitch halfway thru and trys 2 act all hard..fool...this nigga dun kissed man on the lips b4..he dont think nuthin of kissin ass 2 i bet!! PUCKER UP HATERZ

white oooowl is a fag

At least he had the balls to say fuck all these whiteowl DJs. If you just download shit and call it a mixtape you're not a DJ - you're a fag, like white owl.


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Is lil wayne afraid?

Is he afraid to sue these Fake ass Digital DJ's? Is he scared his thugship (sorta speak) will be questioned? Take these Fuck asses to court and stop them from doing this to other artist! He definately got a creditable reason to take them all to court, they are DJ's yes, But they don't have exclusive rights to certain tracks, they basically put a whole Commercially registered Track list of songs on a CD burned it and called it a mixtape so they wouldn't get legally attacked.. Well the Carter 3 Tracks match those tracks on the mixtapes and they haven't been mixed or changed at all so these aren't mixtapes these are actual Album songs! I hope you learned yo fuckin lesson from this Lil Wayne and kept These Digital DJ's from your studio's! and wont give them a damn Track or anything to use on their faggoty list of songs to put out for clowns on this site to mooch off of for free and then talk about ya shit after they bumped it for 2 weeks in their car and got hated on by their friends for listening to it then come back on this forum to repeat what they're friends said to them, like lil school yard bitches with no mind of their own.
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Publicity/Marketing is the mother of big sales...

That's really all any of this was. Weezy hustled the whole world on this one. Keep in mind this is all MY OPINION, but it all makes sense if you think about it. Here goes: 1. Original Carter 3 is leaked and Wayne decides to re-record the album. The hype builds since all that money was wasted making what was a decent album. 2. Wayne records hundreds of songs for the new C3 and drops exclusives to a few DJ's. 3. Interviews about the C3 incident and the secrecy behind the new C3 generate a media buzz. 4. The demand to see what all the fuss was about rises. 5. Wayne drops a club bangin, radio friendly, song that also appeals to 'other' demographics making more buzz. 6. Wayne disses mixtape DJ's, causing a new C3 buzz a week or so before the album drops. 7. The album leaks AGAIN early. 8. Then he apologizes, somewhat, keeping the hype alive a little longer after the albun is released. Keep this in mind... Weezy is his own boss. He has his own label he is signed to. All the major label does is hype publicity and handle most distribution, but he OWNS the MASTERS to his songs. So the ONLY WAY it had a chance of leaking was for HIM to put it out there. He knew from the previous leak it would sell REGARDLESS. So when it leaked a second time, everyone expecting another classic got a disappointment. All the good stuff leaked with his ORIGINAL C3. So ask yourself this... why should he work so hard AGAIN to make another good album? He needs to find a way to make up the lost money from the previous album, and turn a profit on this album. The answer is the NEW C3. The new C3 is a radio friendly album that will make him a ton of money because of the controversy behind it. Now some of his true fans are swaying because of the new album, and he replaced them all with a nation of followers looking for that next 'trend'... Smart business move, if you ask me. I'm not the biggest Wayne fan, but I will give him props if this is how he played his cards...

Truest shit I ever heard. I

Truest shit I ever heard. I was thinkin along the same lines.....
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SOMEBODY FINALLY GETS IT! There's so many haters on here hating the album and all the fact that his album is on everything and don't realize (HE DID THE SHIT!) I have no doubt in my mind Wayne himself gave those tracks out on purpose, He spent chump change on Free Advertising for anticipation for another album he's going to be releasing and he's relying on Young Money to be his cash cow, he could give a fuck about what C3 album does, it promoted the fuck outta him, he has made himself a house hold name to haters (that closely listens to his music in the closet and then rumps on him afterwards) and he's managed to formulate a newer fanbase while holding on to his older fan-base thats gonna support him no matter what he drops.. \ In a way the very haters that come here or anywhere else that find ways to hate on him on a Mixtape that has other multiple artist on him basically shows that he accomplished what he was trying to do.. (PUT THE FUCKIN LIGHT ON HIM!) (They watchin MEEEE C3 Thats me!!! BITCH) as he says in his intro song, and guess what.. He's right, Hate all ya'll want but the dude has got him in the back of your minds now, EVERYBODY know's the name "LIL WAYNE!, BIRD MAN JR, J.R., and CARTER" Im gonna actually applaud a nikka for that shit he did that SHIT well, VERY NICE Job with using the free advertisement Mixtape DJ's offer, the very same DJ's that all other artist hate so much for leaking shit Lil Wayne managed to use the fuck outta them. Enjoy the Tracks haters (i mean new fans)
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You know what it is. One...