Young Jeezy - Big Dog

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Is he dissin sumbody?

n dis shit is much hotter than snoop garbage ass version
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Itz aiight

I dont know why dis was even singled out of the tracks, it's not that good of a track.. it's aiight but i wouldn't go make dis highlighted.......... [ |_-DON'T GET IT FUCKED UP-_| ]
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Jeezy stepped up his game

On the BIG SCALE of things, my opinion really dont amount to much; I aim not to persuade; Just enjoyin music: First time I really heard Jeezy was on "And then What" with Mannie; Jeezy has continued to grow since then and his lyrical skills are displayed a lil on this track;
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Wasn't good, sound like same o'le shit he been doin since he started but with less lyrix
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RE: Jeezy

Same thing I'm thinking... Been feelin Jeezy since I first heard that Street Niggaz joint in 05, but he needs to step this thing up a little... getting repetitive. Watch street dvds and hood dvds right now for free at
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who is he dissin?

The song could of been better,it was mediocre ,for sure have heard better from jeezy.Who is he dissin?"IM FROM THE SWAMP A LITTLE MUD ON MY NIKE AIRS"
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growth & development... Sounds like he going at uncle snoop you know snoop been at wayne and wayne fucks with jeezy so....but hay jeezy did the damn thang on this he killed that track keep it up fuck what the net talkn bout!

not a dis record

whats wrong with you kids, he aint dissin no one, hes talkin bout himself, it starts off with someone asking him "mizzel why you always gotta make a seen or somethin".
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we aware of that thanks.....

growth & development... yea we know thanks nigga!! TM103 TRAP OR DIE 2!