We Got Next Pt. 1 (Mixed by DJ Quiz)


01 Skyzoo - Frisbees
02 Skyzoo - It Aint Hard To Tell
03 Tiron - Boys & Girls
04 Tiron - The Richers Ft Asher Roth And Blu
05 Sugar Junkie - Cross The Sea
06 The Kid Daytona - Contemplation Ft Tiara Wiles
07 The Illz - Illyill
08 Game Rebellion - Rebel
09 Sugar Junkie - Study Abroad
10 J. Ferb - Bullseye
11 Cashe - Bullshit
12 The Kid Daytona - On The Hill
13 Tiron - 60901
14 Cashe - Love Affair
15 J. Ferb - Young Crafter
16 The Illz - Amnesia, Forget It All
17 Game Rebellion - Backdown

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Illz is nice.

He's got a knocking video on ONSMASH. Shit knocks real hard. And he never mentioned a gat or selling drugs.

I hope these guys got next.

I hope these guys got next. The lyricism is astounding and I love the low, grinding beats. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they sampled Feist for Cross the Sea. Breaking down borders and fusing other styles of music into their own.
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Not feelin this shit. J

Not feelin this shit. J FERBS track was tight though. I downloaded because it had skyzoo on it, but he on some bullshit. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout