Trap-A-Holics Presents Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman - Texaco Shawty

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1. OJ Da Juice Texaco Shawty Intro
2. Gucci Mane & Hitman Shawty - That Man Hustle
3. Gucci Mane - Crush On You (Produced By Warren G)
4. Gucci Mane - Gucci Girl
5. Gucci Mane - Fa'Sho
6. Gucci Mane & Big Mike Bucalino - I Be Jiggin Em
7. Gucci Mane - Obnoxious (Produced By Fatboi)
8. Gucci Mane - If U Hatin'
9. Gucci Mane - Get It Big
10. OJ Da Juice - Check In
11. OJ Da Juice & Young K - I Ball Hard (Produced By Mike Da Rockman)
12. OJ Da Juice & Suga Suga - Benjiman Franklins (Produced By Vaeda Boy V-12)
13. OJ Da Juice & Hitman Shawty - Money Everywhere
14. OJ Da Juice - V.V.S.
15. OJ Da Juice Korleon & Bohagen - Got Em Like
16. OJ Da Juice Ft. Cam'Ron & Gucci Mane - Make The Trap Aye Remix
17. OJ Da Juice - Count Them 100's
18. OJ Da Juice & Nitti - Big Head
19. OJ Da Juice ft. Fabolous, Shawty Lo, 8Ball & MJG - Bricks Remix
20. OJ Da Juice - The Long Way
21. OJ Da Juice On That Gas Outro
22. OJ Da Juice - Wonderful Life
23. OJ Da Juice - Washing Power

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this is wack

don't waste your time downloading this garbage, check this site


I've seen a lot of stupid covers but this is the worst.
Dani Boi's picture

Gucci's one lame country ass nigga

Wack as fuck!
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What In the HO is this Shiznit

Smellz Stanky
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alot of old shit, but if u a

alot of old shit, but if u a gucci or a juiceman fan, u already know that. for the hatin ass niggas that talk down on gucci- get your weight up. he aint what you like because you arent his intended audience. go dL u a asher roth tape and shut the fuck up. and as far as the cover goes, its a fuckin picture. who cares how gay it is. the cd is called texaco shawty, they are holding gas pumps. so the fuck what. judgemental ass people get judged first. give respect where respect is do, shake them haters off. ~All Is One!~

All day.

All day.