Tapemasters Inc , The Cartel & Trae Tha Truth - Tha Diary Of Tha Truth

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01. (00:02:00) Trae Tha Truth - Intro ft. L-Boogie
02. (00:02:24) Trae Tha Truth - Get It ft. Rick Ross
03. (00:02:27) Trae Tha Truth - Get Em Off Me
04. (00:02:52) Trae Tha Truth - Dinna Time ft. Ransom
05. (00:02:38) Trae Tha Truth - Don't Fuck Wit Me Then
06. (00:05:09) Trae Tha Truth - Boss Hoggin On Candy ft. Pokey, Slim Thugg
07. (00:03:40) Trae Tha Truth - I'm Fresh
08. (00:03:08) Trae Tha Truth - Cash Flo ft. Rick Ross
09. (00:04:54) Trae Tha Truth - Wrist Out Tha Window ft. Rich Boy, Shawty Lo
10. (00:03:44) Trae Tha Truth - Fuck Yo Girl ft. Dream & Jeezy
11. (00:02:03) Trae Tha Truth - Don't ft. Jadakiss
12. (00:05:00) Trae Tha Truth - Miss My Dawgs (A.B.N.)
13. (00:03:11) Trae Tha Truth - All I Need
14. (00:03:16) Trae Tha Truth - Come Through ft. Hurrican Chris
15. (00:04:08) Trae Tha Truth - Hurt ft. T.I., Razz & Young Jeezy
16. (00:06:21) Trae Tha Truth - Put On ft. Jeezy & Kanye West
17. (00:03:54) Trae Tha Truth - Mama (Prod. By Trackings)

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Oh fuck YES. Finally a

Oh fuck YES. Finally a mixtape worth downloading.

straight up been waitin on

straight up been waitin on this one niggas trae the truth asshole by nature straight up TRAE be keepin the south in it straight download this shit nigs if you bout down south hustle mussik

i agree, with u i'm from

i agree, with u i'm from indiana and people sleep on him i support my guy on everything, trae the truth .
almega_20024's picture

Man about time this hit I

Man about time this hit I was waiting for ever for this to drop. Trae Da Truth Track 4 tha hardest believe that Screwston stand up.

trae holdin it down for

trae holdin it down for TEXAS! of course in order to be true to texas, imma have to slow this doooowwwnn before it has a chance of getting played in tha car
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DEF a DL and i usually dont

DEF a DL and i usually dont fuck wit texas boys but this dude has got SERIOUS talent



No Lie

Me being from GA, maaaaan....Texas always go hard, From Trae to K-Rino, no lie, no dickriding, I'm just calling it how I see it. 4-really.

Damn Right...

TRAE THA TRUTH!!!, the truest nigga form the south, along side Bun-B, fuck all the haters, fuck all the wannabees, fuck all the fakes, fuck all the pussie made niggas, Trae for life, and i dont care what nobody say!!!

Trae Da Truth, nuff said,

Trae Da Truth, nuff said, D.L THIS SHIT NOW!
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This boy Trae holds it down for real. Great mixtape! Number 12 & 13 are my favorite tracks for sure....