Tapemasters Inc & Young Jeezy - The Motivator Pt. 2

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01. Stripes (Run Dmc)
02. Pocket Full Of Money Feat. Alley Boy
03. Go Out On The Town
04. Ballin’ Feat. Lil’ Wayne
05. Homicide Feat. Wiz Khalifa
06. Pull Out The Fye Feat. Scrilla
07. Count It Up (Remix) Feat. Tity Boi
08. Kitchen Feat. Tity Boi & Pusha T
09. Can’t Leave These Streets Alone Feat. Trick Daddy
10. My Fuckin House Feat. Snoop Dogg & E-40
11. I Mean It Feat. Usda
12. Go Dumb Feat. Usda
13. Look At The Club Feat. Usda
14. Where The Panties At Feat. Usda
15. Off Safety Feat. Usda
16. The Lick Feat. Usda
17. Cte Or Nothing Feat. Usda
18. Start It Up (Remix)
19. Welcome To My Hood (Remix)
20. Hustle Hard (Remix)

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When that album gonna drop

First jeezy made us wait hella days for trap or die 2, now tm 103? It better be damn good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NVCvwsvfQg
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this is all

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Marijuana & Bullshit

Wat the fuck Jeezy gon do? When he gon drop da album ? Ross full speed ahead, no brakes. He killin mixtapes he got dis Maybach Music Group shit and da album bout to drop i hear.. Then he got Diddy behind him and errbody know dude like Don King of the rap game the greatest promoter ever.... Jeezy my dude i aint turned my back on him but damn bra give us somethin.. Nall fuck dat we want da album... Come on mane foreal, I know you gotta wait on good shit but how long bra???? Ross puttin out alot of shit and he aint doin it like Gucci puttin out a bunch of bullshit he puttin out good shit... Come on bra step up to da plate and prove des nigga's wrong. Cause you got alot of niggas dat done jumped ship. Im still here bra waitin like million's of otha fans.. U owe us dis... N dis shit sad to say muthafucka's only remember wat you doin not wat u done....

a im one of the biggest

a im one of the biggest jeezy fans out here and thats true alot of niggaz have jumped ship but them niggaz aint real bcuz when that tm 103 come out that gonna jump right back on jeezy and be like i knew that nigga album was gonna be hard.

I prolly jump back on ship

I prolly jump back on ship when TM103 drops but that dont mean i have to like the nigga and be all on his nutz. This nigga fell off a long time ago. All that trap shit is almost as dead as hiphop is! ...My current iPod top 5 spins, Curren$y, Big Krit, Z-Ro, Trae Tha Truth and Cha1,000,000aire.. Everyone else can eat a dick!
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I rather wait 6 months to a

I rather wait 6 months to a year for him to drop a classic album than he puttin some shit up because every1 want somethin right now.


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Epic or nothin

I have a feelin Jeezy's next drop will determine the rest of his career in hip hop, if he don't drop the most phenomenal album to be heard in years he will be working at Chik Fila in that CNN center in Atlanta if he aint saved up his money.. lol
That USDA group aint shit and it wont be shit so i hope he aint counting on that to keep him afloat, aint nobody gone listen to that shit. I think Jeezy been waitin on everybody else to drop before he drop, his shit was suppose to drop around the sametime frame Gucci Mane Album and Drake's album dropped last year, i think he got scared and scraped some stuff then he pushed it up to September/October area and Wayne was suppose to drop a big mixtape but soon got arrested and that got scraped, but before any of that happened Jeezy had already pushed his album off into somewhere in 2011, Now Wayne about to drop his album and then a follow up Mixtape then a another father and Son album then a Drake/Wayne album then release all of Young Money shit, Rick Ross bout to do his thing too with his Label drops and his mixtapes, so i hope Jeezy aint waiting on all that shit.. He betta just test the water and ride that wave or he will be irrelevant in a couple of weeks.
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jeezy still relevant

I wouldnt say that Jeezy is going to drop off. He is working. Looking at new talent in the game and working with them. Just listen to the Wiz Khalifa and Jeezy track homicide. Track goes hard. Jeezy is taking too long on TM103 ill tell you that. That needs to drop soon.