Styles P - The Ghost Dub-Dime Mixtape


01 - Styles P - Intro
02 - Styles P - G-Sense
03 - Styles P - Back On My New Shit Feat Tre Williams
04 - Styles P - Where Im From
05 - Styles P - Its Over
06 - Styles P - The Beat Dont Stop Feat Jimi Kendrix
07 - Styles P - That Street Life Feat Tyler Woods
08 - Styles P - Fast Lane
09 - Styles P - Here I Am
10 - Styles P - Juice Bar
11 - Styles P - Road To Success
12 - Styles P - Outro

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Haha Dat Nigga Styles P Iz Back Wit Dis Tape, Auto D/L Fuck Da Hate Is All I Gotta Say, If Yall Aint Feelin' Dis Niga Dont Bother Commenting on It. [REAL RECOGNIZE REAL]
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Hot shit from SP, but why is this up here? This shit's in stores haha...I bought it a couple days ago. LMAO WTH. SP, either you gets no love or somebody fucked up.
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they post

any mixtapes up on here. (Ex) they posted Chamillionaire's MM 4-6 on here and his Major Pain mixtape and all those were available in stores and online for purchase.
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...and it's free promo, I guess. I figured it was going to be on here and datpiff, I just wanted to support the man, so I copped it.
336 ~Rum and Cheerwine~ 704
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Last time i bought an album

Last time i bought an album from the eastcoast was when Biggie drop Life After Death Ha-HA!!
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hahah daaaaamn. Looong ass

hahah daaaaamn. Looong ass time ago XD
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Where are you from and what does that have to do with this mixtape?
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because openmike said he

because openmike said he copped this at the store. and SP is from the east so Screw said he hasn't bought any eastcoast music since Life After Death by Biggie
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its not amazing but dont

its not amazing but dont sleep on it, the intro is dope and i know some people would like other tracks^Fuck You^

automatic dL

automatic dL
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Somebody gotta make money

You could find a lot of these mixtapes on sale at mixtape shops for $2-$4 each.
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Okay mix. Just cant go wrong with S.P. **Try Harder**
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is this an official mixtape???
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yea it's official

yea it's official

all these tracks are old

all these tracks are old

Tyler Woods...Jimi

Tyler Woods...Jimi Kendrix...You mean Tiger Woods and Jimi Hendrix...Yo If Tiger Woods became a rapper that would be the funniest thing ever LMFAO!!
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Shit he mite as well, ol drake got male groupies suckin him off, why wouldnt they like tiger? Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

This is alright...

Thought it was some new ish but turns out I recognize some of the tracks from Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Machine. The new blends are hot though.
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Styles-P show em how its done! All the tracks fire-road to success OUCH! Here I am OUCH! REAL RECOGNISE REAL-Automatic DL and you know it!


My nigga Styles P hold us down with that GOODIE. Rain fire on'em EARLY!!! These niggas out here listen to this monkey music all beat with no speech. Lame ass niggas! Yo P grab them lil niggas by they ankles and chest then stretch them skinny jeans till they snap then take them long ass vans off and shovem up they ass D-BLOCK BITCH A BLUNT WIT TWO GUNS UP
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Why aint dis a sticky? Should be on TOP SPOT! REAL RECOGNISE REAL!
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Style P go hard!