P-Cutta & Lil Wayne Present Street Money

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01. Lil Wayne - 100 Million Dollars Ft. Birdman
Rick Ross And Young Jeezy
02. Lil Wayne - Pop Bottles
(Remix) Ft. Birdman And Jim Jones
03. Lil Wayne - Gimme That Gusha
04. Lil Wayne - I'm So Hood
(Remix) Ft. Young Jeezy Ludacris Busta Rhymes
05. Lil Wayne - Beat Without Bass Ft. Freaky
06. Lil Wayne - Duffle Bag Boy
(Remix) Ft. Playaz Circle Juelz Santana Birdman
07. Lil Wayne - Bandana On The Right
08. Lil Wayne - Sky Is The Limit
09. Lil Wayne - I'm In The Hood Ft. Brisco
10. Lil Wayne - Big Dogg Status Ft. Scarface
U.T.P. And T.I.
11. Lil Wayne - Can't Tell Me Nothin
12. Lil Wayne - Dead Presidents Ft. Currensy
13. Lil Wayne - Millionaire
14. Lil Wayne - Scarface
15. Lil Wayne - Something You Forgot
(Shot To The Heart)
16. Lil Wayne - Prostitute
(Remix) Ft. Trina And Juelz Santana
17. Lil Wayne - I Know What He Does
18. Lil Wayne - Barry Bonds Ft. Kanye West
19. Lil Wayne - Looking At The Game Ft. Jim
Jones And Stack Bundles
20. Lil Wayne - Workin Em
21. Lil Wayne - See It For Yourself Ft. Jim Jones
22. Lil Wayne - How We Roll Ft. Young Chris
23. Lil Wayne - Do What We Do
24. Lil Wayne - Burn This City Ft. Twista
25. Lil Wayne - Money Cars Clothes Ft. T Streets
And Swizz Beats
26. Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying

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These "DJ's" won't listen to

These "DJ's" won't listen to Drama, will they... STOP MAKING RECYCLED LIL' WAYNE MIXTAPES! "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost

You're right but....

...commenting on them and downloading them doesn't help either. But I know you already knew that 'Russel'. :) "A lot of n*ggas supposed to be down, they most be clowns/ who think I'm tryin' to sign wit' Hov' to get close to the crown/ I take a couple 000h's and 444h's, jewels and cars/ screw some broads, and I'm still cool wit' NaS" -Jadakiss Support the real artists & DJ's. B-More signin' out............1

I never downloaded this.

I never downloaded this. :) "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost

F*ck Lil Wayne

Im Tried Of Hearing The Same Shit By These DJs and These Ridiculous Lil Wayne Mixtapes. Bring Some New Shit Out.... Lil Wayne Is Fallin Off Slowly But Surely. His Own Shit Ain't Even Hot Any More. Only Time He Do Good Is On Somebodies Else Shit. Wayne Use To Spit WHAT HAPPEN!!! Dedication 2 & Drought 3 Went Hard But What About The Rest.... Just Have To Wait To The Carter 3 Comes Out... U Know Its Goin To Sell But How Its Goin To Sound (LYRICS) Birdman Spittin Better Than Wayne Go Get 5 Star Stunna D-Well Yeahie Yeahie

Its not wayne who is the

Its not wayne who is the problem it just these DJs ''..He's the difference between artists and rappers, Artists draw hits rappers take flicks, Other rappers trey sick man these nigga's aint shit, Everythings basic they should claim the same clique, Thats why everything he give hip hop game sick....'' Joell Ortiz - The Brick Bodega Chronicles Track 1

to all da haters

yo, i know this is old, but for people that are sayin lil wayne wack....all yall got the game fucked up....he drops all this mixtapes that were freee....they were hotter than some niggas cd so for yall to hate on him for work give us shit to listen too for free ....yall crazy got listen to 50s album or sumthin so wack shit he is the best right now hands down now jay z old ass whats to come bac because he's scared waynes gonna still his fame....wack .....

im wit you on that shit

im wit you on that shit homie, wayne is a beast wit the flow, it's just these lame ass DJ's puttin the same shit on a mixtape, sometimes usin the same pics for a cover

Thanks for your overview.

got my hopes up n my standards high for this mixtape series... Lil' Wayne bringin that shit that no one else does, creative mofucka! shit should be good, just like the rest of em. "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost