Snoop Dogg, MistaJam & DJ Battlecat - Throw Your Dubs Up


01 Intro
02 Be Like Me
03 Smoke Some
04 Speaker Pop
05 Feel Me
06 I Got Her
07 Platinum Remix
08 Come On Now
09 Smoke And Drive
10 Visions
11 Off That
12 Snoop Dogg Millionaire
13 Zombies (Zomboy Remix)
14 Go
15 Can't Stop
16 Be Like Me (Remix)
17 Nuke Town

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some beats were decent but

some beats were decent but over all this is str8 garbage


yea i think i skipped alot of it........
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Dirty Filty Grimey Dubstep-Rap

This is fuckin SICK!! Download this shit immediately!! Hit me up!