Slim Thug - Underground Hoggin


01. Intro
02. Excursion
03. Put Yo Cups Up
04. Breathe Easy
05. Too Much Money
06. Headed To The Kappa
07. Grain Grippers
08. Hit Da Flow
09. Elbow Room
10. Minute Man
11. Top Notch Thug
12. Mr. Bling Bling
13. Turn Off The Lights
14. Rider
15. Super Throad
16. Platinum Rapping Spree
17. Hold It Down
18. Hard Knock Life
19. Raised Hard
20. Is That Yo Chick
21. Nowa Days
22. Guess Whos' Back?
23. The Boss
24. Back On Da Flow
25. Legend
26. Do In It
27. Renegade
28. Batter Up
29. Buy Da Car
30. Back Back
31. Hate In Yo Blood
32. Turn Yo Beat Up
33. Geto Superstars
34. H-Town 2 D-Town
35. When You See Me
36. Broke No Mo
37. Northside Vet
38. Fiesta
39. Bonus: Sleepdog

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" I got drank by the pint/dro by the pound/headed to the kappa/in the boss top down/Slim Thug bout to clown/ when I hit that g-town/if you love me/you gone smile/if you hate me you gonna frown/cuz me and my boss hoggs/in the big el dogs/glass fo's /pullin hoes /up and down the sea wall/crawlin clean/ on the scene/ with a cup full of lean/candy blue/ droppin screens when I swang /when I swing/fuck a cop/cuz if i see a bop/i'mmma stop/and if the bitch qualify/she can hop in my drop/but a bitch cant talk to us if she wudnt fuckin/ya either be bout it /or look and keep truckin/thats my clique motto/when we up in the place/we dont want no pussy/we want to fuck some face/run trains on yo brain/we thowed in the game/let me see ya tongue rang/dont show no shame/you brang sand to the beach?/not this week/we gone take yo bitch and make yo bitch a freak/put that ho under my sheets/make her eat my meat/she gettin beeped in my suite/while you out in the street/now thats deep/we hittin licks/we doin tricks/bitches suckin dick/on some porno flicks/I dont smoke no sticks/but I smoke tha sticky green/from my mouth to my ring/all you see is bling bling/money aint a thing/see slim thug gone flow/dont believe me/come see me at the next local show/I'm the young flow pro/never soundin so-so/grippin on a mo-mo/in a big fo' do'/fa show/this week I cant take no loss/slim thug and the bosses/puttin it down with the house!/haaaaaaaaaaa!" That verse shoulda been a quotable! <> <> "Our chronic flaw is partiality of judgement: we exaggerate the wrongs done to ourselves, and underestimate the wrongs we inflict on others" - unknown
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GAWD DAM THIS IS A CLEAN AZZ MIX! Have most of this already but not all in one like this... Good ridin muzik... Pop it in your deck and smoke ta diz! SLIM THUG THA BOWSE!!
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whea dat ne z-ro @ bra

yeah dis shit is str8 but whea dat new z-ro at bra
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You know i snatched this!
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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good old classic mix... Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420
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good old classic mix... Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420