Shareefa - The Misunderstanding Of Shareefa (Hosted By Don Cannon)

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01 - Intro
02 - My Lifeshareefa
03 - By My Side Prod By Bangladesh
04 - Fall Down Prod By Chucky Thompson
05 - Drama Prod By Teddy Bishop Karinn
06 - Without You Prod By Trackmasters
07 - Home Wrecker Prod By Don Cannon
08 - Skit Shareefa Raheesm Devaughn
09 - Ya Love Ft Raheem Devaughn Prod By Chucky Thomps
10 - Warrior Prod By Chucky Thompson
11 - Lately Prod By Justice League
12 - Skit
13 - Mr Shovanistic Prod By Teddy Bishop Karrin

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I fuggs wit Reffa so ima DL **U Claim DA Streetz But Da Streetz Respects Dat Chedda Nigha**
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Ha Ha.

Ha Ha. {The Golden State}
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I like this album...