Sean Kingston - King of Kingz (Hosted by DJ Drama & DJ ill Will)

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01. Hood Dreams Feat Soulja Boy
02. Rewind
03. You Girl Feat Akon
04. Say Yes Feat Flo-Rida
05. Twice My Age
06. Hope Is A River Feat B.O.B.
07. Don't Let Me Go
08. The One Feat Tory Lanez
09. One Way (Prod By Kane Beatz)
10. Forget Bout It Feat Tory Lanez
11. Blow Me Away
12. Echo
13. Wont Stop Feat Justin Bieber

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What the fuck is Drama doing a mixtape with Sean Kingston? And why is this shit even posted on here. Kingston is shit to begin with. Colors with Game and Kush Blow with Smoke Dza are the only 2 tracks that are decent. and it's the features that make those songs tolerable. This mixtape looks like garbage just looking at the tracklisting. Soulja boy? JUSTING BIEBER!? WTF!!!!! This just looks sad. I'll youtube the Tory Lanez and B.o.B tracks...that's about it.
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I dont care cause all this

I dont care cause all this mixtape music is the shit compared to the albums that come out nowadays.

Depends on the albums. I can

Depends on the albums. I can think of a lot of albums I'm looking forward too.