Rick Ross - Mafia Music 2


01 Deeper Than Rap Lost Intro
02 Maybach Music 2.5 (Feat. Birdman, Fabolous, And Pusha T)
03 Go (Feat. Triple C's And Birdman)
04 Everything
05 Butterfly Tattoo
06 Can't Let U Go
07 Why R U
08 Throwed Off
09 Diamonds
10 On Blast
11 Skyline
12 Roadkill (Feat. Torch And Gunplay)
13 Everything You Want (Feat. Usher)
14 Crack A Bottle
15 We Don;t Luv These Hoes
16 Quiet Storm (Feat. Young Breed And Young Dice)
17 Down South (Feat. Young Buck, Willie D, Trae, And Bun B)
18 Best I Ever Had
19 Im Ballin (Feat. J-Money)
20 Na Na Na
21 Always Strapped (Remix)(Feat. Baby, Lil' Wayne, And Young Jeezy)
22 Neverland (Feat. Sleepy Brown)
23 Hottest In The Hood (Remix)(Feat. Jadakiss, Fabolous, Oj Da Juiceman, Red
Cafe, And Diddy)
24 911 (Feat. Shawty Lo, Bun B, And Lyfe Jennings)
25 Mafia Music (Remix)(Feat. The Game And Ja Rule)

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its a good overall mixtape officer ricky be goin hard download it im bout 2 bumb dis shirt
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its a good overall mixtape officer ricky be goin hard download it im bout 2 bumb dis shit
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Not worth the download....2/10.

I dont understand how after

I dont understand how after what he did people still support this fat fraud,im not talking bout him being a C.O,a jobs a job u do wot u gotta do 2 pay them bills,im talking bout he lying bout it,now when it comes to rap you supose to be truthful,if he cant be truthful about his past in the real world how am i supose to believe shit he say when he fucking rap?
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fuck dis fake azz nigga

fuck dis fake azz nigga mane, dis nigga used ta be da DEA, dis nigga a snitch azz nigga bruh, dont download dis shit it iz wack as fuck my nigga

officer rickkyyy radio for backup

shit wack if u fuck wit officer ross then u a bitch str8 up dont care how u try to flip it u just as bitch as him
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keeps going in

Regardless of this mans' previous occupations you are a natural born hater to say his ass don't be putting out some good music!!! Hands down "Deeper than Rap" is the most complete album this year!!! Just keep it real put the bullshit to the side and listen to the music, judge the music!!!! Major Bigg
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True Dat!

I agree but the nigga STILL ain't have 2 lie about having an honest job like a grown ass man is supposed 2! Why the fukk would u rather be known 4 being a drug dealer than making an honest living? 2 much posing & posturing & fake ass bullshit fukkin' up my music. Muhfukkas need 2 change their mindstate. That's y Nas said hip hop is dead. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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wut made this nigga look bad is not that he lied. is just that this nigga claims he this big tyme cocaine "cartel/mafia" dealer, but then he used to be a correctional officer too? that shyt dont make no sense??? you cant be a correctional officer unless you have a clean police record. that means this fat phony never even had a felony in he's record! Missy Misdeamenor Azz NIGGA!! --NO-NUTZ-NO-GLORY--
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