DJ White Owl Presents Eminem: The Return Of Marshall Mathers Pt. 2

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01. Smack That Ft Akon 03:30
02. Im Coming 02:50
03. Shake That Ass 02:15
04. Bloodshed 01:12
05. There I Go 01:28
06. Im Gonna Get My Gun 01:24
07. 4 Verses 03:30
08. Hip Hop 02:07
09. One Man Army 00:50
10. Pop Ills 02:55
11. Im Crazy Ft Da Mad Rapper 03:04
12. Im Homicide 02:02
13. You Dont Know Me 02:53
14. The What Ft Method Man Royce Da 59 DJ Clue 03:04
15. Bootleggers And Downloaders 00:52
16. Yous A Wanksta 02:31
17. Bad Influence 03:37
18. We All Die One Dat Ft 50 Cent Tony Yayo Obie Trice 05:27
19. State of 911 01:58
20. We Aint Done Ft D-12 04:00
21. Touch My Balls 01:56
22. Lead Singer 02:58
23. Bitches 01:08
24. Quitter (Dissin Everlast) 03:05
25. Ill Hit Em Up Ft D-12 (Dissin Everlast) 03:38
26. U Cant See Me 00:41
27. Battle Rap 01:10
28. Bitch Ass Rappers 00:54
29. Skit 00:19
30. Crack Smoke 00:41
31. Stabbin You 00:33
32. Freestyle 2006 00:42
33. Get It Started (Unreleased) 01:47
34. Our House (Unreleased) 03:53
35. Possessed By Evil Demons 01:36
36. Bonus Track 03:29

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I dont care what anyone thinks...Em changed the game commercially for talent and 10 dead or alive...whats fucking with that?
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So true. All the little

So true. All the little e-thugs can bash this all they want I ain't even gunna waste my time with the little pricks, as usual.
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The Mixtape

Good lookin' out 'flowgod'. "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Encourage the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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Number 15 spoke to I

Number 15 spoke to I both I'm not sure?
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Whort the download?

Is this mixtape good? Im an Em fan, but i notice there is some old stuff in here. Opinions?

that "I'm Crazy" track was

that "I'm Crazy" track was produced by Kanye West, that shit is fuckin HOT! especially with the Da Mad Rapper chorus n shit... Em still got it. "These bitches screamin for E, i had to throw em a vowel..." LOL
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em's the best
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hes done

I swear....if his new album isnt up to status with his first 3, then he is over with...if he comes back rappin like he did on encore, then eminem is dream, is to here one more album of his in slim shady style...just makin fun of people and not giving a fuck, lyrically masterful

mostly old shit

i heard about 90% of this b4. but its a good set of old school Eminem tracks that a lot of ppl never heard.

Naw Em sick but i gotta

Naw Em sick but i gotta agree wit da homie up above he needs to take it back to the marshal mathers/slim shady lp days or hes finished in ma mind

haha track 15 killed me

mixtape is mostly old shit but still nice.. not sure if eminem is hungry enough to go back to the slim shady days.. we've probably seen the best of him, but even at 50% he's better than most of the rappers out today
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Encore was disappointing A

Encore was disappointing A few good songs, but not a great album.
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yup everyone knows encore sucked

em did it on purpose fools...... noone will approach em in the game hes untouchable, he'll be rippin tracks for eva
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dont gimme that bullshit

em did it on purpose fools...... noone will approach em in the game hes untouchable, he'll be rippin tracks for eva
dont give me that bullshit man, i hate when people say that...he was lazy as shit or too drugged up on pills, but he still coulda made an ill me one rapper (from the top 20 of all time) that had as quick a style change as me one...he goes from amazing to shit in little time..dont get me wrong, i love eminem to death, but if his next album is the same shit as encore, then he can say goodbye to Me as a fan...and thats that
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some of that shit on encore sounded like he did it for Big Meanie for example... when he did "fack", thats when i switched off him. the re-up was ok only good track was no apologies...but with the mainstream fans, that know nothing of hip hop will see eminem as normal and cop his shit, while we miss the old shady, the shady that many people critised in the media for being too violent... thats who i miss, the "i dont give a fuck" shady... when fans are listenin to the rappers older stuff means the games had it...its over. cant wait for his album tho, even if it is disapointing it will be interesting numbers eh?
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oh yeah

and the mixtape is a lot of old stuff, not old old, but recent old...not all that brilliant.