DJ Scream & MLK: Respect This Hustle

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1. ATL News - Free T.I. Intro 1:47
2. T.I., Young Jeezy And Big Kuntry - Do U Potna 4:45
3. Young Dro - Best Thang Smokin' 2:48
4. Big Kuntry - My Muzick 3:05
5. Big Kuntry - The Bizness (Feat. J.R.) 3:44
6. Young Dro - I'm Sick'ud 4:03
7. T.I. - Cat Like That 2:31
8. Macboney - I'm Coming (March) 3:18
9. Yung L.A. - Ain't I (Feat. Big Kuntry) 3:30
10. Alfamega - Stressed Fill Dayz (Feat. B.I.G. Frank 2:39
11. B.G. - For A Min (Feat. T.I.) 3:37
12. J.R. - Prime Time 2:19
13. Xtaci - Hold You Down (Feat. B.G.) 3:36
14. Macboney - Got A Posse (Feat. Jim Jones) 3:01
15. T.I. - Ridin' (Feat. Big Kuntry And Plies) 4:20
16. Yung L.A. - Fall Back (Feat. Yung Ralph) 3:29
17. Big Kuntry - Choppin' 3:07
18. J.R. - Chromed Out (Feat. Macboney, Alfamega And 3:56
Big Kuntry)
19. Big Kuntry - Going Ham (Feat. Yung L.A.) 3:58
20. Young Dro - I Got Money 3:12
21. J.R. - Let's Go 3:49
22. AK - All We Wanna Do 3:30
23. Alfamega - What'cha Workin' With 3:26

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TI's makes dope tracks so imma hit dis up and cos der's no wayne on dis it shud be hot. wayne needs to take a break n den make a album, that is actually gd, he makes too many songs and doesn't have time to prefect dem so dey all shi. he needs yo be a lil mo like "YA BOY"-nuttin but fire! he makes a mixtape every 2 months or suttin n dey all sick.


This mixtape is good so far I have enjoyed it. To the dude who is talking about Wayne I just wanna know WHY he aint on this mixtape so WHY is your whole comment on Wayne damn dude get off his DICK lil dude.

Dissin Ludacris

Oh he was dissin' Luda in da 2nd Track! "145 and im outta ya weight class, wanna survive betta scramble like eggs and break fast" -T.I.
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this tape isn't that bad

this tape isn't that bad

He's talking about Gucci

He's talking about Gucci Mane on the second track, notice Jeezys there too talkin shit about him, TIP apologized on MTV to MTV and Gucci Mane was so stupid he thought he was talkin to him

nah bruh...

First off he apologized on BET at da BET Movie Awards not MTV. Just listen to da last part of his verse cuhhz... "And lets get some clear, just between you and me, dat apology was for BET not DTP, I'm doin me" DTP being Disturbing The Peace...Jeezy aint talkin bout da nigga, he just on da track



whut the fuck r u haters

whut the fuck r u haters talkin bout dis mixtape iz da shit my niggga t.i. can do his thing on hiz on he don't need lil wayne on dis shit. n lil wayne iz da shit incase muthafuckaz think he sucks. n da secobd track ti was dissin my mans ludacris "this apilogy was 4 BET not DTP i'm doin me"

this mixtape is fuckin

this mixtape is fuckin bumpin in da whippp RESPECT to da uploader and grand hustle for this heat, ezz manz r high and LAST of all FREE T.I.P!!!! grand hustle all day I don know magic, but i make faggots levitate. shotty blast make ya top and bottom half separate.