Phil Ade - A Different World


01 Phil Adé - Adw Intro Feat. Laura Song (Prod. Mark Henry, Q-Heff, Dre King)
02 Phil Adé - King (Prod. Bink!)
03 Phil Adé - Monte Carlo Dreams Feat. Us Royalty (Prod. Sunny Norway)
04 Phil Adé - Cloud 9 Feat. Tracie Jospehine, Glc (Prod. Sunny Norway)
05 Phil Adé - High On Life Feat. Raheem Devaughn (Prod. 9Th Wonder)
06 Phil Adé - Otherside (Prod. Mark Henry)
07 Phil Adé - A Different World (Prod. Oddisee)
08 Phil Adé - Scoreboard Feat. Black Cobain (Prod. Bink!)
09 Phil Adé - The Let Out (Interlude) (Prod. Sunny Norway)
10 Phil Adé - You're The One Feat. Killa Kyleon (Prod. Sunny Norway)
11 Phil Adé - The Weekend Feat. U-N-I (Prod. Sunny Norway)
12 Phil Adé - Second Chance (Prod. Mark Henry)
13 Phil Adé - See You Again Feat. Kevin Ross (Prod. Nieze)
14 Phil Adé - Incense Feat. Mac Miller (Prod. Sunny Norway)
15 Phil Adé - Your Hands (Prod. Mark Henry, Dre King)
16 Phil Adé - Coming Home (Prod. Sunny Norway)

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not bad.....

this tape tuff

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Damn....dude nice. Sound like a mixture of Wale and Drake...minus the singing. Nice ass production. Hadn't heard of Sunny Norway before but dude got some heat! Especially #10 which in my opinion is the hottest track on the disc. Other highlights - #2 (good to hear a new Bink track), #3, #11, #14 and #16.


C Walk wrote:
Sound like a mixture of Wale and Drake
That there is enuff for me to say... PASSSSSSSSSS!!! lol


LMAO!!no way give it a listen screw..this shit better than the lil wayne