Ya Boy - Optimus Rime


1. (00:00:50) Ya Boy - Intro
2. (00:04:10) Ya Boy - Pop That
3. (00:02:45) Ya Boy - Lookin' For That
4. (00:02:29) Ya Boy - Feelin' Like A Pimp
5. (00:04:42) Ya Boy - On (Ft. Tabu)
6. (00:03:38) Ya Boy - Hit The Deck (Ft. Tabu)
7. (00:02:31) Ya Boy - Certified Remix
8. (00:03:21) Ya Boy - What Can I Do
9. (00:03:40) Ya Boy - How Could You
10. (00:06:42) Ya Boy - You Should (Ft. K-Fed & Phat Rat)
11. (00:03:38) Ya Boy - They Sayin' (Ft. Paul Wall & Trae)
12. (00:02:57) Ya Boy - Freestyle (Ft. Royce Da 5'9, Rosco Umali & Faze)
13. (00:03:18) Ya Boy - My Money
14. (00:04:06) Ya Boy - Patron On The Rocks
15. (00:03:35) Ya Boy - I Don't Sleep (Ft. Mack Maine & Bezel)
16. (00:02:56) Ya Boy - Head
17. (00:03:25) Ya Boy - Do My Thang (Ft. Cyssero)
18. (00:04:12) Ya Boy - Reunion (Ft. Marsha Ambrosius Of Floetry)
19. (00:03:24) Ya Boy - Percise Gang
20. (00:03:08) Ya Boy - It's A Party
21. (00:02:33) Ya Boy - Robbery
22. (00:03:21) Ya Boy - Down The List (Ft. Ms. Jade)
23. (00:02:22) Ya Boy - For The Money
24. (00:00:54) Ya Boy - Outro

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Optimus Rime

Thanks 'hardb0dy', been waiting for this one. I have a feeling this mixtape is gonna be a REAL CLASSIC! "The Rise" & "The Fix" were dope, don't see why this one should be any different. Real nice cover, but why is it "Rime" and not "Rhyme?" "100 percent real wit' everythang I do/ I make sh*t happen everytime I come threw/ and that's all, (everythang) that's all, (everythang)/ If I ain't already did it, homie I'm about to/ Haters gonna hate, Im'a make it without you/ and that's all (everythang) that's all (everythang)" -T-Pain Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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It's "Rime" instead of "rhyme" because it's named after Optimus Prime, the character from Transformers. That's what the mask on the cover is of.


So you add one letter, big deal.
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Thanks to the uploader,

Thanks to the uploader, definatly been waiting on this one, sure FIYAHH!!!!

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