DJ G-Spot - Carry The Torch (Bringing Real Hip Hop Back)

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"If skills sold, truth be told...I'd probably be,
lyrically, Talib Kweli..." Remember when Jay-Z
said that line in "Moment Of Clarity" on Black
Album? DJ G. Spot was listening, you can bet

Bringing real hip-hop back to its roots, G Spot
hails three of hip-hop's brightest stars (even if
you don't see their shine): Mos Def, Talib
Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek. Together the 3 of them
crafted hip-hop's classic album Blackstarr. Mos
& Kweli torched the mic while Tek laced the

With Hi-Tek about to drop the sequel to his
debut Hi-Teknology, the timing for this mixtape
is perfect. This CD is a compilation of Mos,
Kweli and Tek classics from over the years, as
these guys will be hip-hop's torch-bearers for
years to come.

1 - Carry The Torch Intro / Speech
2 - Mos Def – Ms Fat Booty
3 - Mos Def - Brooklyn
4 - Mos Def – Hip Hop
5 - Mos Def – Ghetto Rock
6 - Mos Def feat. Q-Tip & Tash – Body Rock

Young Buck - They Talk Too Much (Radio Rip)

DJ Famous - R&B #55 Escape

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01.escape 2006- michael jackson (world premeire) [05:33]
02.***ty kat- beyonce [03:53]
03.get away- mario winans feat.rick ross [04:01] stopper- danity kane feat.young joc [04:38]
05.uh hun- trey songz feat.t.i. [03:50]
06.i wanna fuck you- akon feat.snoop dog [03:30]
07.turn it up (remix)- johnta austin feat. jadakiss [04:12]
08.u got them goods- jimmy cozier [02:44]
09.upgrade you- beyonce & jay z [04:32] & only (my boo)- remy ma feat.razah [03:06]
11.put it in a letter- mike little feat.neyo (hot pick) [03:11] should be my girl- sammie feat.sean paul [02:48]

Young Jeezy - I Love It

This is rumored to be Jeezy's first single off his new album...

DJ Simon Sez & DJ Set It Off - Dungeon Immortal (The Thug Below)

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You bet, this mixtape marriage is made official
by DJs Simon Sez and Set It Off, remixing the
lyrics from the immortal rap legend and icon
Tupac Shakur with beats from the Dungeon
Family (basically...Outkast and Goodie Mob).
And it sounds as good as it sounds.

Sez and Set It Off trade blends on this
24-track mixtape of Tupac and Outkast/Goodie
Mob blends, including classic Tupac ("Dear
Mama," "Me Against The World," etc.) mixed
over classics like "Elevators," "Jazze Belle," and
"Ms. Jackson."

Bringing you this major blends concept joint,
The Thug Below is a marriage of two of rap's
greatest superstars and offers the best of
the West and 3rd Coasts. 100% Remixes!

1 - Dear Mama Feat. Cee Lo (Simon Sez blend)
2 - Never Be Peace Feat. Outlawz (Set It Off blend)
3 - Me Against The World (Simon Sez blend)
4 - Happy Home Feat. Mary J. Blige (Set It Off blend)
5 - Lie To Kick It Feat. Richie Rich (Simon Sez blend)

DJ Obscene - Serious Hustle Vol. 2 (Hosted By Daz Dillinger)

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1 - DJ Obscene & Daz - Touchin Down In MIA - Intro
2 - Pitbull - Miami Shit (Prod. Drum Majorz) (WORLD PREMIERE)
3 - Snoop Dogg Feat. Daz & Kurupt - Candy (Obscene Blend)
4 - Rick Ross - New York Shit - Freestyle (Exclusive)
5 - Cubo Lettin Y'all Know...
6 - Cubo Feat. Lunch Money & Jimmy Chocolate - If It Don't Make Sense (Prod. Diaz Bros.)
7 - Fat Joe Feat. Lil Wayne - Make It Rain (Prod. Scott Storch)
8 - Da Great Yola Feat. Smitty - Ain't Gon Let Up - Remix
9 - Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - Rubber Burnin
10 - Rick Ross Feat. Brisco, Gunplay, Torch & Hotbox - 745 (Exclusive)
11 - Cubo & Mistah FAB - Get Em Up
12 - Young Jeezy Feat. BloodRaw - Stuntin Like My Homies - Freestyle
13 - Ransom Feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross - Clear The Scene
14 - Lunch Money - Bitches Ain't Shit - Freestyle
15 - Trick Daddy Feat. Chamillionaire - Bet That (Prod. The Runners)
16 - Akon & Styles P - Blown Away
17 - Daz & Brisco - Bumpin My Music - Freestyle

DJ Butta - Makaveli Pt. 5 (7 Deadly Sins)

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It's been a decade since the late, great Tupac
Shakur passed away, but the rap superstar
has never managed to leave the public forum.

Concocting more death conspiracies than there
are Elvis sightings, the hip-hop world and the
media have kept the memory of 2pac aka.
Makaveli forever alive.

With the 5th edition of his famous Makaveli: 7
Deadly Sins mixtape series, DJ Butta is back
with the 10th Year Anniversary Edition to
commemorate the recent anniversary of his
death. Featuring rare, unreleased, original and
remixed Tupac tracks, this one is a must-have!

1 - Intro
2 - Throw Up Ya Gunz feat. Kool G Rap, Young Buck
3 - What You Gonna Do
4 - Komradze feat. EDI, Big Syke
5 - Uppercut
6 - Fuck Em All
7 - 1996 Revisted
8 - Hail Mary (Clear mix)
9 - I'm A G feat. Pharrell
10 - Loyal To The Game feat. T.I
11 - If I Die 2night
12 - Only God Can Judge Me
13 - U Can Be Touched feat. Outlawz

DJ Ideal & Twista - Tailwinds v.2: The Mobstas Anthem

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In 2004, Twista's Kamikazee debuted at #1 on the Top Billboard 200 albums thanks
to the success of the Kanye-twisted "Slow Jams." For many, that was their first
time catching the vapors from the West-side Chicagoan.

But by no means was Twista new to the rap game. Having put it down for 15 years
solid, the man gets his senior citizen discount in game. What Twista was new to,
however, was mixtapes.

Bringing you the follow-up to Tailwinds by DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Ideal returns with
Twista's second wind: Tailwinds, v.2: The Mobstas Anthem. This mixtape features
exclusive tracks and freestyles from Twista & The Speedknot Mobstas.

1 - Twista - Intro
2 - Twista - Charged
3 - Ass Whoop feat. Just Blaze & Saigon
4 - Money & Murda feat. Speedknot Mobstas
5 - Money on My Mind Freestyle feat. Speedknot Mobstas
6 - I'm Da Man feat. Rick Ross
7 - The Streets
8 - Talk Hard feat. Pitbull & E-40

Mick Boogie & T.I.: The Tipping Point

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For the fans of Grand Hustle's #1 Hustler and the ATL's Rubberband
Man, this mixtape from T.I. is something serious. The part-time
multi-platinum rapper slash part-time blockbuster actor slash full-time
King of the South is live in the flesh to official jump off this
major mixtape.

The leader of P$C is on the scene to host and narrate this mixtape,
and thus this mixtape represents The Tipping Point, or the moment
at which T.I.'s career really takes off.

Creatively pieced together by the concept king Mick Boogie, this
mixtape brings you the ultimate collection of T.I. tracks and
remixes, including several exclusive Mick Boogie remixes as well
as rare and unreleased joints.

1 - Mick Boogie & T.I.: Tipping Point Intro (produced by Shuko)
2 - T.I. & Young Dro: My Girl Got A Girlfriend
3 - T.I. & Young Buck: Get Your Mind Right (Mick Boogie mix)
4 - T.I. and Juelz Santana: Right Now (Mick Boogie mix)

J-Love - Cormega: The Essence Of The Streets

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1 - The Essence Of The Streets (Prod. by J-Love)
2 - Dirty Game
3 - Bring It Back
4 - Dramatic Entrance (Prod. by J-Love)
5 - Endangered Species (Prod. by J-Love)
6 - Back 2 The Future (Prod. by J-Love)
7 - What’s Your Poison Feat. Mobb Deep
8 - Ride feat. Tupac
9 - Rhyme For Rhyme feat. Big Pun
10 - Come On Feat. Ghostface Killah (Prod. by J-Love)
11 - On The Real Feat. Nas & Screwball
12 - Affirmative Action RMX Feat. Nas, AZ & Foxy Brown
13 - Slow Down Baby Feat. Foxy Brown
14 - Straight Outta QB Feat. Poet
15 - Live In The Spot
16 - Never Personal (Fuck Nas & Nature)
17 - Never Personal Pt. 2 Feat. Foxy Brown
18 - Love In Love Out (Prod. by J-Love)
19 - Angel Dust Feat. Havoc
20 - Crime Connection Feat. Mobb Deep
21 - Testament Original
22 - Fallen Soldiers (Prod. by J-Love)
23 - Three Feat. Prodigy
24 - Catch Me On My Next Re-Up
25 - La Familia Feat. Nas, AZ & Foxy Brown
26 - Goodfellas Feat. Nas

DJ Scope - Enemies On Site 3

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DJ Scope - R&B Overdrive #3

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Ya Boy - Vato Freestyle

DJ Diggz - Jadakiss: D-Blocks Front Man

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The raspy-flow'd veteran from Yonkers, the
home of The L.O.X. and D-Block and the home
of one of the 'Top 5 Dead Or Alive': Jadakiss.

No matter how many times you dice it up, a
J.A.D.A. mixtape never gets boring so when
you actually find a dee jay to put work into
one...then you've got something.

DJ Diggz takes you 60 tracks deep with The
Kiss Of Death as the freestyle freak and lyrical
assassin go hard for more than 70 minutes.
This mix features new/classic freestyles and
D-Block anthems.

1 - Blackin Out
2 - The Summer's Over
3 - Exclusive
4 - It's Personal
5 - Nobody
6 - Turn It Up
7 - Thug It Out
8 - D Block (remix)
9 - Vinny Idol Freestyle
10 - Feel It In The Air
11 - The Problem
12 - All 4 Love
13 - Kiss Of Death
14 - My Name Is Kiss
15 - Can I Live
16 - Breath Easy
17 - Serious Threat
18 - Kiss
19 - Stop Snitchin
20 - Chest To Chest
21 - Niggaz Done Started

Big Mike & Evil Empire - Interstate Trafficking 3.0

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Big Mike and Evil Empire move more weight state to state than a
moving company, so it's only right that The Capo Jim Jones and
The Birdman Junior Lil' Wayne are along for the ride.

Doing it up big for the 3rd edition of the Interstate Trafficking
mixtape, this powerful mixtape alliance is back on the road,
breaking down tracks from NYC to the South. Baallllllllllin'!!!

Featuring new music from Cassidy, Papoose, Ludacris & Jadakiss,
T.I., The Lox, Rick Ross, Talib Kweli & Raekwon, Young Buck &
Scarface, Hell Rell, Lloyd Banks, Bun B, Remo Da Rapstar, 8Ball
and more.

1 - Jim Jones - This Is How We Do It
2 - Jim Jones - Cook It
3 - Cassidy - Cake
4 - Hi Tek feat. Jadakiss, Papoose, Talib Kwali & Raekwon - Where It Started At
5 - Papoose - Line Em Up
6 - Lox feat. Jae Hood - Chest To Chest Freestyle 2006
7 - Styles P feat. Sheek Louch - 914
8 - Team Arliss - Rubberband Stacks
9 - Hell Rell - Hammertime