Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 1 - The 3 CD Mixtape

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If anyone has this mixtape, plz upload it. This mixtape is HOT & its the mixtape that established Chamill for good!!!!

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Someone upload this mixtape
Someone upload this mixtape it is serious

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This is retail..
This mixtape was retail, then again so was da bottom w/ chamillionaire..i this it was da bottom 2 was retail and its on here if yall want MM3 choppen n screwed it can be found i jus aint postin no links...this site hase the most free chamillionaire u will find on da new just search for color changin click(for his old stuff or even swisha house if u feel like really lookin) or chamillionaire.

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so it aint nowhere to be
so it aint nowhere to be found for free

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yo sumbody gotta upload is
yo sumbody gotta upload is asap

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mixtape messiah 1

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yo if you don't have mixtape
yo if you don't have mixtape messiah 1 yo i got it