Lil'Flip vs. Slim Thug

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Who do you think's the best rapper? Lil Flip Or Slim Thug?

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Lil Flip Vs. Slim Thug

Lil Flip Got this!

Burhan G
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you must be joking lil flip is a hoe sqad up is a hoe i dont have to say it every body knows

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flip weak as hell
flip fell off like a bad bag a dope he stead'n droppin' bullshit ass double disc... slim thug betta & da niggaz he puttin' on iz betta 2...

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Yada yada yada, Lil' Flip this Lil Flip that, when Slim Thug puts out a solid album, then we talk.....but from now, I don't see the competition....not since Slim Thug turned pop with Hillary Duff....LOL Slim Duffa ROTFLMAO