Cash Gifting The New vs The Old Way

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Gifting has been an acceptable form of wealth sharing for centuries. Cash gifting programs have been used as recruitment programs where no physical products or services are exchanged. Gifting involves cash exchanging hands. It is considered an activity and not a business. Cash gifting is helping one another and although it is not considered a business, it should be treated as one. Through this system done online you receive a customized website which is used to promote your gifting opportunity. Cash gifting has been used legitimately as a means to reduce the size of your estate, and the estate tax burden on your heirs. Some cash gifting programs have "systems" requiring membership fees to cover their operational costs, which include promotion. Anyone joining one of these programs will receive money, but only from the people he or she persuades to join later. One can gift as many people as you want within some cash limit but there is no returns for the gift you make. You can only enroll in a cash gifting program once you agree to give a specific amount of cash to someone else. You get yourself enrolled and, in return you receive a private member number which tracks the amounts of the gifts you give and receive. The various cash gifting programs will supply documents detailing their members' cash transfers. The biggest cash gifting programs also guide their members about the marketing system for attracting new members, without whom the entire system would collapse. Cash gifting programs promise enormous returns while aiming to operate within the letter of the law. They reach out to potential members in a variety of ways, but all of them have the same goal: to create a structure of cash giving individuals, with the "gifts" of those joining being funneled directly to the member who they joined through. There is no top or bottom in most systems, once you have made an amount you set for yourself you are free to leave the program. If you remain, you can receive gifts indefinitely. The more you promote the opportunity in theory the more cash gifts you may receive. At times the cash gifting opportunities have been considered illegal thus in order to avoid being tagged as illegal pyramid schemes, many cash gifting program operators have come up with program structures designed to give them air tight legitimacy. cash gifting is