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The Don Bishop Agallah & Purple City - Propane Piff

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Agallah "The Don Bishop" has been doing his thing in the Dipset circles
for a quick minute now, producing and freestyling alongside Harlem's #1
gangsta group. Releasing his first official mixtape since Doomsday, Don
ain't passin' sh*t on this joint, instead firing up that Piff and hitting you
hard with that Purple City flow + a gang of exclusive new production...

1 - Intro The Piffmaster
2 - Propane Piff [produced by Agallah]
3 - Whoop Ya Head feat. 50 Cent & Agallah
4 - NY Survival [produced by Agallah]
5 - You Not Live Freestyle
6 - Back To The Grind [produced by Agallah]
7 - Bandeleros (remix)
8 - Gun Go, pt. 3 [produced by Agallah]
9 - Hood Is Back, pt. 2
10 - So High
11 - Need Weed? Freestyle
12 - Agallah Anthem feat. Shiest Bub [produced by Agallah]
13 - Gun Love (I Belong To You)
14 - Ready To Rumble feat. J.R. Writer [produced by Agallah]
15 - Thanks To Me feat. Cam'ron & Sin Sizzerb [Agallah remix]

DJ Ideal - Lil Jon & BME Records: The BME Mixtape

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DJ Ideal launches this official BME Records mixtape on behalf of BME
CEO Lil' Jon and the Akademiks clothing line. Having sold more than 5
million records to date, BME is only getting started, and this mix is a full
preview of their crazy roster. This mix features exclusive heat by Lil' Jon,
Scrappy, Elephant Man, E-40, Trillville, Pitbull, Chyna Whyte & Bohagon.

1 - Lil' Jon - Intro
2 - Lil' Scrappy feat. Bohagon - Money In The Hood
3 - Lil' Jon - Interlude
4 - Lil' Jon feat. E-40, Sean Paul (of the Youngbloodz) & Pitbull - Snap Ya Fingers
5 - Lil' Scrappy - Introduces New Single
6 - Lil' Scrappy feat. Bohagon & Pitbull - You Ain't Know
7 - Lil' Scrappy - Interlude
8 - E-40 feat. Lil' Scrappy & Bohagon - Pussy Niggaz
9 - Lil' Jon - Interlude
10 - Trillville feat. Big Sam - Watch Me Do It
11 - Lil' Jon Introduces Bohagon
12 - Bohagon feat. Lil' Jon, D4L & Crime Mob - Wuz up
13 - Elephant Man Checks In

DJ Khaled - Rick Ross: M.I. Yayo

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Listennnnn! Listennnn! DJ Khaled teams up with certified hustler Rick Ross to make a little mixtape noise and represent for the 305. DJ Khaled, a member of the Terror Squad/The Beat Novacaine is back with his second major collaboration (see: Lil' Wayne - Suffix) and this time he brings you a little piece of his hometown: Miami. With Rick Ross' single "Hustler's Anthem" getting MAJOR rotation nationwide, this M.I.A. tagteam brings the Hustler's movement full-circle. Miami's #1 celebrity DJ and #1 Hustler tap a nationwide audience with this all-exclusive mixtape packed with new freestyles, tracks and South Beach anthems. With the rumors swirling over where Ross will land his major label debut (it's been said Bad Boy, Atlantic, and Def Jam, among others, are in heated negotations to secure the upcoming rapper), this mixtape comes from his original label affiliation: Slip-N-Slide Records.

1 - Hustlers Anthem (DJ Khaled exclusive)

DJ Khaled - Lil Wayne & Birdman: The Carter #2 Mixtape (Like Father, Like Son)

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Lil' Wayne isn't your average 23-year-old. President of one of the most prestigious record labels in Dirty South hip-hop history, Weezy F. Baby is the only Cash Money Records rapper remaining from the late-90's multi-platinum group The Hot Boys. Rewarded hansomely for his loyalty, Wayne aka. The Birdman Junior has become the protege and bread-and-butter of Cash Money's owner Brian "Baby" Williams aka. The Birdman. Reppin' Cash Money and New Orleans to the fullest, these two Southern legends bless Terror Squad/Beat Novacaine's DJ Khaled with this sequel to the best-selling mixtape of 2005, The Suffix. Featuring all-new tracks, exclusives & freestyles from the Cash Money millionaires, this major motion mixtape includes unreleased joints not found on Weezy's '05 albums Tha Carter + Tha Carter II. Liiiisstttennnnn...to Cash Money history in the making alongside Remy Martin, Scarface, Curren$y (Wayne's first artist on his new record label) and others...

DJ Rukiz & Quess - Southern Soldiers #2: G-Unit South (Buck, B.G. & Scrappy)

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DJs Rukiz & Quess follow up Drama's G-Unit South CD with his own
version, this one perhaps a bit more speculative. Imagining a G-Unit So.
team of Young Buck, Lil' Scrappy and B.G., this Dirty South mixtape
works out more like an All-Star team. Featuring more than 30 new tracks
and freestyles from three of the South's biggest mouths...G-G-G-G-G!!

1 - Intro
2 - Stack That Paper - Lil' Scrappy
3 - Got Mine - Young Buck & - B.G.
4 - Gun Slinger - B.G.
5 - F.I.L.A. - Lil' Scrappy
6 - Kill 2 Birds - Young Buck
7 - Running With My Chopper - B.G.
8 - Just A Lil Bit Freestyle - Lil' Scrappy
9 - Still Tippin' Freestyle - Young Buck
10 - I'm Out Here - B.G.
11 - Ride Like Me - Lil' Scrappy
12 - Chronic Freestyle - Young Buck
13 - Drop It Like Its Hot - B.G.
14 - Black Tee (remix) - Lil' Scrappy
15 - Shorty Wonna Ride With Me - Young Buck
16 - What You Want To Do - B.G.
17 - No Problems - Lil' Scrappy

DJ Rukiz - Big L: Unsolved Mysteries Pt. 2

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DJ Rukiz takes you to Harlem, the birthplace of Big L, and also the
fateful neighberhood the legendary lyricist was gunned down in back in
1999. Seven years later, the ex-Children of the Corn emcee is still loved
by many, and his music remains relevant. This mixtape is a Big L fan's
dream: 45 blends, remixes, verses, major freestyles, classics & more.

1 - Rukiz Intro
2 - Ebonics
3 - Back Up (Rukmix)
4 - Yes You May [verse] (his first ever appearance)
5 - Tramps, pt 1. (LIVE)
6 - Enemy [verse]
7 - MVP (Rukmix)
8 - Freestyle
9 - Freestyle American Cream
10 - Freestyle Danger Zone
11 - Freestyle Y'all See
12 - Platnium Plus [verse] (Rukmix)
13 - Furious Anger [verse]
14 - Freestyle Motherless Child
15 - Devil's Son [unreleased B-side]
16 - Hold It Down [verse]
17 - Freestyle Watch For The Hook
18 - 8-Minute Freestyle
19 - The Hiest
20 - Tramps, pt. 2 (LIVE)
21 - Freestyle 10 Crack Commandments

Dirty Harry - Make My Day (Re-Mastered)

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Dirty Harry aka. DHNY has been making major mixtapes for over a
decade, and this one's the proof. Straight from 1995, this joint is one
of Harry's bad azz remixtapes and this is the digitally re-mastered
special edition. Featuring blends & remixes with Biggie, Q-Tip, O.D.B.,
AZ, Red & Mef, GZA, Junior Mafia, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Fugees, KRS.

1 - Intro – Lost Boyz – Debarge Lifetime (Dirty Harry blend)
2 - Harry Interlude
3 - O.D.B. – Rawhide/Faith (Harry mix)
4 - Brandy – Friends (Harry remix)
5 - Mobb Deep (Quest To Drink Dirty mix)
6 - Water Runs Dry (Dirty Harry blend)
7 - Mr. Cheeks & Janet (Dirty Harry blend)
8 - A.Z. Sugarhill (Dirty Harry remix)
9 - Red N’ Meth How High (Dirty Harry remix)
10 - O.D.B. Shimmy In Debt To You (Dirty Harry remix)
11 - Mary J. – It Rains (Dirty Harry Biggie blend)
12 - GZA/Genius - Labels
13 - Brownstone – Masta I.C. (Dirty Harry mix)

Swishahouse & Michael Watts - Posted Up At The All-Star

Michael Watts brings his team of Swishahouse All-Stars and posts up
on this heavy mixtape from the Texas indie heavyweights. Featuring the
House's new single off their coming album The Day Hell Broke Loose #3,
"Chunked Up In The Deuce" with Keke, Paul Wall, Bun B & Pimp C. This
CD also features screwed tracks from Swishahouse artists, T.I. & Jeezy.

01.Michael Watts - Intro
02.Lil Keke - What You Know Flow
03.T.I. - What You Know
04.Archie Lee & Coota Bang - Im An Allstar
05.Young Nino (Ft.Paul Wall) - Thats My Hood 2006
06.Paul Wall & Lil Keke - Pushin Flow
07.Scarface - Never Snitch
08.Michael Watts - Interlude
09.Tony Yayo
(Ft.Young Buck & 50 Cent) - I Know U Dont Love Me

DJ Drama - Young Jeezy: Trap Or Die

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Re-Visit The CLASSIC Mixtape That Put Jeezy On The Map!

DJ Drama is trappin' with Young Jeezy, ATL's hottest buzz since T.I.,
on this Trap Or Die edition mixtape. With this mixtape killin' it down in
the Dirty South, MixUnit is proud to be first to bring you this crazy hot
joint feat. 20+ exclusives, freestyles, bangers & ATL sure-fire crunk...

1 - We Tried To Tell 'Em feat. DJ Drama
2 - Intro
3 - Get Ya Mind Right [album exclusive]
4 - Trap Or Die feat. Bun B. & Slick Pulla
5 - "Ether" Freestyle
6 - Do Da Damn Thang feat. Fabolous
7 - Street Niggaz
8 - Freestyle
9 - Get 'Em Jeezy
10 - Jeezy Talks To The People
11 - U Ain't Perfect
12 - Miss Me With That Rap Shit feat. Boo & Slick Pulla
13 - Grey Goose feat. Yo Gotti & All Star
14 - U.S.D.A., part 2
15 - We Luv Ya
16 - Jeezy Talks, part 2
17 - "GA" Freestyle feat. USDA
18 - Gangsta feat. Jody Breeze
19 - "3-6" Freestyle

DJ Drama - Young Buck: Case Dismissed (The Introduction To G-Unit South)

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DJ Drama celebrates Young Buck's legal victory in his case resulting
from his arrest at the VIBE Awards with this huge mixtape introduction to
the new G-Unit South branch. Cashville's own lays down mad exclusive
freestyles and tracks while also acquainting you with the talent coming
out his G-Unit So. stable: Lil' Scrappy, D-Tay, Lil' Murder, Hi-C, All Star.

1 - Case Dismissed!!!
2 - Come And Catch Me feat. Lil' Scrappy & All Star
3 - You Can Get It Too feat. D-Tay
4 - real niggas Across the World
5 - Here We Come feat. D-Tay, Lil Murder & HI-C
6 - I Need A Freak
7 - Move It Like I Do feat. D-Tay & Hi-C
8 - Once A Month!!
9 - Postin Up feat. Shannon Sanders
10 - Where The Haters At feat. All Star, Lil' Murder, & Hi-C
11 - I'll Be Back
12 - Let's Get Dirty feat. D-Tay, Lil' Murder, & Hi-C
13 - G-Unit South
14 - G Shit - All Star
15 - Hood Love
16 - Money In The Bank feat. Lil' Scrappy

DJ Drama - Young Jeezy: You Can't Ban The Snowman

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Drama introduced Young Jeezy to the hip-hop world with the release
of Tha Streets Iz Watchin'. People really took notice when Mr. Gangsta
Grillz and Jeezy put Trap Or Die on 'em. This lethal duo brings you their
3rd collaboration and what Drama calls the best yet, as The Snowman
hits you with 27 exclusives, tracks & freestyles w/ his Corporate Thugz.

1 - Third Times The Charge
2 - I'm Back
3 - USDA's The Click
4 - Ya Dig
5 - Cadillac
6 - Reintroduction
7 - One's For CTE feat. Slick Pulla & Bloodraw
8 - Gangsta Party feat. Slick Pulla
9 - Say I feat. Christina Milian
10 - Better Than Ever
11 - U Can't Stop These Gangsters feat. Slick Pulla
12 - I Know U Don't Love Me feat. Slick Pulla
13 - Trap Star Feat Slick Pulla
14 - Jeezy The Snowman
15 - Burnin Up feat. Slick Pulla & Bloodraw
16 - Makin It Look Easy
17 - I'm A G feat. Slick Pulla
18 - Snitches feat. Bloodraw

Dirty Harry - The Warriors

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Dirty Harry brings you this special Warriors edition mixtape as the
mixtape legend makes a return to the mixtape circuit for the first time
since he dropped Nas: Living Legends. Getting down with those Harry
remixes he's famous for, this mix features blends w/ Biggie & Big L,
Jay-Z, Game, Jeezy w/ T.I./Flip/Wayne, Dipset, 50 Cent, 2pac, Nas.

1 - Warriors Intro
2 - Jay- Z/Nas - I Don't Know
3 - Young Jeezy, T.I, Young Buck, Lil' Flip & Lil' Wayne - Warriors Rap Figures I (Dirty Harry mix)
4 - The Game - Grillz Mix (Dirty Harry mix)
5 - Mobb Deep/50 Cent (Gangsta Snoop Mix)
6 - Nas – Nasdaq Season Begins 2006
7 - Young Jeezy/Tupac/Akon - Can U Believe It (Dirty Harry mix)
8 - Notorious B.I.G./Big L/Lloyd Banks - Something Bigger (Dirty Harry mix)
9 - Fat Joe/Big Pun/Freeway - Get Your Grind On (Dirty Harry mix)
10 - Jay-Z Verse (Queens Logic Harry Mix)
11 - 50 Cent - Simple Ain't It (Dopeman Harry Mix)

Clinton Sparks & Kanye West - Touch the Sky

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Clinton Sparks is back with his 2nd mixtape of 2006 after being recognized by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the Top 10 Mixtape Producers at the end of 2005. He gets the ultimate endorsement here though, as Kanye West gets on board to host this special mixtape prelude to Sparks' Get Familiar, vol. 1 debut album (due out later this year!!). Clinton and the Grammy award-winning artist/producer fly into 2006 with Touch The Sky as the duo serves up an all-exclusive mixtape featuring all original tracks produced by Sparks. Over 30 exclusive tracks featuring Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Pharrell, N.O.R.E., Notorious B.I.G. & Diddy (new sh*t), Q-Tip, Nas & Jay-Z, Sheek Louch/Styles P/J-Hood, Mike Jones & Slim Thug, Freeway, Kardinal Offishall, Peedi Crakk & Young Chris, Lil' Kim and more. This mixtape also features exclusive freestyles and guest appearances from Sparks' award-winning globally syndicated radio show Smashtime Radio. With Kanyeezy on the co-sign and Mr. Get Familiar behind the boards, all there is left to do is...GET FAMILIAR!

Clinton Sparks - Smash Time Radio Blends Vol. 9: "Best in Business"

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Clinton Sparks spent the end of 2005 adding the final touches on his latest blends creation and now it's time for you to GET FAMILIAR! Bringing you a new round of the "Best Blends In The Business," our very own C. Sparks drops that Smash Time Radio Blends, vol. 9, titled after his #1 SHADE 45 satellite radio show. With Mr. Get Famliar landing syndication deals from SupeRadio that will spread "Smash Time Radio" across the planet in 2006, this is your chance to get a listen to the hottest mix show DJ in the world. This mixtape brings you another round of hip-hop and R&B blends featuring Smash Time remixes with Kanye West, Fabolous, Paul Wall, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Mary J. Blige, Pharrell, Lil' Wayne, Notorious B.I.G., The Game, Don Omar, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Ying Yang Twins, Black Eyed Peas, Ne-Yo, Gwen Stefani & more.

1 - Intro
2 - Busta Rhymes - Touch It (Smash Time blend)

DJ Drama & Saigon - Welcome to Saigon

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Saigon aka. The Yardfather has been a monster in the mixtape game for a minute now. Known amongst hip-hop fans as one of the hardest lyricists in the game, this Brooklyn native perfected his rhyme style while locked up a couple years ago. As soon as he got out, he started killing the mixtape circuit (including the releases The Yardfather and On The Go Back). Since then, the Abandoned Nation general has stayed blessing the streets with his patented conscious gutter raps. Saigon's skillz landed him a deal with super-producer Just Blaze and his Fort Knox Entertainment to house his debut album The Greatest Story Never Told. With DJ Drama bringing his Gangsta Grillz brand to NYC for the first time, this mixtape is the official prelude to one of the most anticipated albums of 2006. So cop the mixtape and then wait for Saigon to take hip-hop to a higher level.

1. "Return To NYC" Intro
2. Saigon Theme
3. Saigon Speaks

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