MeLo-X - Mustafa's Renaissance


01. Mustafa's Renaissance
02. BoomClap
03. Crumbs, Change & Hair Pins (feat. Nikki Ntu & Theophilus London)
04. I Dont Rap
05. Keep The Faith (feat. Jesse Boykins III & Print)
06. Incredible (Remix) (BK Intro)
07. Just Me
08. Treat Her Right (And I Know)
09. With You
10. First Time (Coolie High)
11. The Imfamous BayDigger
12. The Peepz
13. Neva Free
14. 3L's (Beat Tape 2005)
15. Tehas Rice
16. Mickey Factz - Rapio 2 Point OH
17. Tehas Beans
18. Tabloids House (Remix) (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
19. Atlantic Soul
20. With You (Revised)
21. Mustafa's Revenge (NY Jewels)

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never Hurd Of him

who is he....will download and see if it was worth my time

i have no clue

i never heard of him either... since you downloaded it let me know whats good~♥ProRican757MaMi


This shit right here is exceptional, a must download for ppl that appreciate "real" music Gucci fans and the like dont bother, you wont feel this. Need to have a brain to appreciate art. Upload much appreciated my man, as always, thank you Peace


btw, on track "the peepz" he disses wayne hard ... that will get some ppl interested lol

Dis here STRIZzy

downloaded jus to b doin sumn...dis shyt str8888..he AIN't no LAme Nicca..REAL RAP!!..he got talent..dis sum low key down to earth shyt..

Nice & Smooth.

Nice & Smooth.

Real Rap... Defintly Worth A

Real Rap... Defintly Worth A Download


thanx for putting my shit up great responses Thanx alot more good music too come meng!!!!!

I scrolled back thru 21

I scrolled back thru 21 pages to find this spot so I could comment, after finally checkin this joint out! It's official! On some real musician, hip hop from the soul type vibe.....goood ish right here!!