Makin Moves Presents - Im The Reason Why You Eat (Hosted By Cam'ron)


01. Camron Intro
02. Cam Speaks - Dipset Reunion Not Happening
03. Blaksmif - Try And Sue Us (Lil Wayne And Cash Money Diss)
04. Camron - Chalupa
05. Camron - Spend The Night
06. Camron & Vado(U.N.) - Talk To Them
07. Camron - Got It For Cheap
08. Camron - Curve
09. Camron - Caveman
10. Camron - Cookies And Apple Juice Ft Bird Lady
11. Camron - I Used To Get It In Ohio
12. Camron Speaks On How He Helped Jim And Juelz Get Rich
13. Camron Interlude
14. Camron - Cooking Up
15. Vado (U.N) - By All Means
16. Camron - Make Da Trap
17. Vado (U.N) - No Turning Back
18. Camron Speaks
19. Blaksmif - Vultures
20. Camron - I Hate My Job
21. Camron - Come See Killa
22. Camron - Bottom Of The Pusshole
23. Camron - You Owe Me

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in this tape only...

in this tape only... 2 or 3 songs are new and nice website name on da cover lol.
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It's Killa Season!!! Dipset lives on through this man...

Gonna be a hot summer!!! lol

Gonna be a hot summer!!! lol

ucan call me K-Gee

think about camron giles, i never meet him but got damn dats my dawg